Life List

The following is a list of what I want to achieve/complete/experience before I leave this world. It was written in 2007 and has evolved a bit since then!

  1. Learn how to play the piano
  2. Climb to base camp on Mount Everest
  3. Learn how to speak French
  4. Visit William Morris’ Red House at Bexleyheath, UK
  5. Walk the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand
  6. Visit the Saint John’s Bible workshop at Monmouth, Wales
  7. Finish my Masters degree [edited: yup! finished! graduated in October 2010]
  8. Organise my scrapbooking ‘bible’ of articles and inspiration pieces
  9. Drive a Aston Martin DB9S
  10. Regularly use my membership at the gym I now have a treadmill at home and regularly use it!
  11. Undertake my internship at the Art Gallery of South Australia working with the Arts & Craft collection [edited: it became impossible for me to actually do this, so I’m undertaking my internship locally in 2010]
  12. Learn how to drive a manual car on the road [edited: I did it in 2009! I did it! And I still absolutely love it]
  13. Successfully keep more then succulents alive in my garden
  14. Attend a life drawing or sketching course
  15. Visit Rose Seidler House in Sydney
  16. Complete a scrapbook on my gorgeous dog [edited: its only a small one but I did finished it in 2008]
  17. Stand outside Tiffany’s in New York sipping a coffee and eating a danish
  18. Keep my blog up to date [edited: I think I’m doing okay with this one! {ummm, maybe not! (2012)}]
  19. Photograph my completed books and put them online
  20. Do yoga every morning to start the day right
  21. Learn to ride a horse, without fear of falling off
  22. Start (and complete) my mother’s family book
  23. Design and complete a heraldic family tree of my family
  24. Call my best friend once a week
  25. Volunteer with a local charity to give back [It has been a great experience working with an amazing group of people. I hope to do more when I can {2012}]
  26. Have enough stability in my life to have pets [edited: yay! I have two cats now. When we have a bigger place I’m getting another dog!]
  27. Find true love [edited: He was there all along but it took me awhile to realise it. And in October 2009 I finally did]
  28. Sell my MGB in order to buy myself a more reliable and economical car [edited: I now have a reliable car AND I still have my MGB. I’m hoping to restore it when I have the funds but I can’t bare the thought of parting with her]
  29. See Picasso’s Guernica
  30. Spend another day in Monet’s garden painting amongst the dappled light
  31. Live in Paris
  32. Never run out of Burberry perfume
  33. Find the ultimate handbag [edited: Manzoni, how I love thee]
  34. Buy an iPod
  35. Spend more time getting to know my brother [edited: we live and work together but we are stronger for it and I love him dearly [2009]]
  36. Truly appreciate the wonderful friends I have
  37. Learn to love exercise
  38. Believe in my ability to write beautifully
  39. Create my own studio to write, scrap and design
  40. Drink more water and less coffee [edited: yeah, right]
  41. Stick to the diet I know makes me feel better physically and mentally
  42. Stop stressing that I will fail every essay I write and every exam I sit [edited: why change a lifetime of habit? :)]
  43. Learn to let go of the past [edited: its part of me but it doesn’t control me]
  44. Spend more time with my grandmother
  45. Own a Norman Lindsay print and display it prominently
  46. Spend a week in Leura exploring the Blue Mountains and the walking tracks
  47. Travel to Antarctica on an ice breaker
  48. Ride on an elephant
  49. Learn to love and accept my freckles
  50. Enjoy more weekends where I do nothing
  51. Have my own library (think Henry Higgins’ in My Fair Lady)
  52. Learn to accept compliments and ignore insults [edited: I think I’ve conquered this one! {2012}]
  53. Read more classic novels and plays
  54. Subscribe to a theatre company
  55. Join a dance class
  56. Write in my journal more frequently then every three months!
  57. Have my freckles checked by a skin specialist
  58. Train my dog to behave himself around other people (but not me!) [edited: my wonderful cousin achieved this. He even stays when you tell him to!]
  59. Complete formal training in calligraphy
  60. Truly appreciate all that my parents have done for me, most particularly in 2007 [edited: yeah, they rock and I love them more all the time]
  61. See a ballet at Covent Garden, London
  62. Visit the British Library and see first editions of my favourite books
  63. Work for people who inspire and challenge me
  64. Learn to cook more intuitively
  65. Tell the most important people in my life I love them every day
  66. Keep my mind open to other opinions, people’s stories and the ever changing world we live in
  67. Install a rain water tank and implement other ideas to reduce my carbon footprint
  68. Believe that I have the power to change my life and make it what I want it to be
  69. Publish a book
  70. Obtain a doctorate
  71. Live my life with one wardrobe not two (thin clothes/fat clothes)
  72. Find my soul mate [edited: Sometimes I’m a little slow. He was there all along]
  73. Learn to manage money [edited: with the help of said soul mate, I’ve done it! {2012}]
  74. Attend Jazz in the Vines in the Hunter Valley and/or Melbourne International Jazz Festival
  75. Have co-ordinated furniture
  76. Find the ultimate pillow!
  77. Have more dinner parties with friends
  78. Trust my instinct
  79. Forgive myself for my past [edited: see #47]
  80. Work for the Victorian & Albert Museum in London
  81. Meet Ali Edwards and discuss design and scrapbooking
  82. Take time everyday to count my blessings
  83. Develop a Calligraphy gallery, workshop and library
  84. Visit Prince Edward Island, Canada and immerse myself in Anne of Green Gables
  85. Learn to enjoy food without guilt
  86. Be true to myself
  87. Be proud of who I am and what I have achieved [check! {2012}]
  88. Get a tattoo at the base of my spine of the chinese symbol for ‘strength’ [edited: I’ve gone off this idea so going to remove it]
  89. Get my motorbike license
  90. Fix my teeth – yes, braces!
  91. Own an original William Morris piece
  92. Accept my scars as part of my journey in this life [check {2012}]
  93. Attend a Winter Olympics (I’ve been to a Summer Olympics in 2000)
  94. Get back into rock climbing
  95. Live sustainably and simply
  96. See the Northern Lights
  97. Run a 10km marathon
  98. Ski the Remarkables in New Zealand
  99. Own a house
  100. Climb the Effiel Tower

8 thoughts on “Life List

  1. adlawrence says:

    I read the whole list. Not sure why but I found it utterly beautiful.

    Thank you.

  2. joe says:


  3. Kristine says:

    No. 101 – find a good tattooist on the north coast and we can do it together when Dave & I visit in November – I’ll finally get my dragon and I’ll make you get your strength. That is your mission!

  4. Gena says:

    Love your life list …. I’ve got one too, but in a journal, guess it’s time to put it out there, so t ospeak!!!!

  5. Kristine says:

    Time to cross of No. 7?

  6. Andrew says:

    I’m glad you changed your mind on #89. That’s a mistake that’s difficult to take back.

  7. Loraine says:

    Wow….wow…and WOW. Wish I could put together a list like this. You do know you are a beautiful person :-). Miss seeing and taking to you.

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