Two years


Yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary. It feels like it was just yesterday but so much has happened in those two years.

I don’t think either of us were prepared for what the first six months would bring, as the disc between my C5 and C6 vertebra prolapsed onto the nerve that controls the right arm. We had months of not knowing if our lives were being changed irreversibly just as we had started this new adventure together. Thankfully, I had surgery at the end of May and we could start to enjoy our life together again.

We’ve packed a fair amount into the last two years from another degree (that would be me), a bit of travel for work (that would be Simon), embracing parkrun (that would be both of us), and longer distance running and triathlon (that would be me), and now adding another furbaby to the family.

While we’ve both changed and grown over the past two years, we have also grown and changed together. We’ve learnt to call each other out when stress or tiredness is turning us into petulant toddlers. We’re finding more cues and triggers around my bipolar and how to better manage them. We’ve adapted our lifestyle to eating better and exercising more because it makes us function better and be nicer people (we do still slip back into old ways, I didn’t say we’re angels!). We still make each other laugh and I know Simon is still the first person I want to tell anything to!

Simon and I met in 1996. We finally got together in 2009. We were married in 2014. I can’t wait to see what the next twenty years brings us.


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