Swimming update


After Saturday’s horrible swim I was nervous about swimming this week. I was determined to not quit and to work through my obstacles. I had my shiny new flippers and bright green kickboard to try out so I fronted up to the pool to get started at 5.30am.

Wow, what a difference swimming with flippers makes. I have never swum with flippers before, don’t think I ever even had the chance to muck around in flippers as a kid because no one in my family owned a pair. The pair recommended to me are shorter in the fin and have raised sides, and are designed to activate and train the leg muscles needed for swimming. Such a difference for me!

The main group continued with their drills moving onto the catch for freestyle. Myself and a friend worked on our own drills, moving along the outside wall of the pool. Our first drill was just to use the kickboard and practice breathing, followed by adding a stroke in while still using the kickboard. There was a bit of spluttering as I breathed in water but compared to previous sessions it was minimal. By the end of the session I was feeling much more confident and I didn’t hate it!

Progress, people!

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