Hello, again

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? It’s not like there has been no excitement, no new adventures, or big achievements in my life to share. 2015 was in equal measures an amazing and productive year, and a year of heartache and loss. Perhaps that’s why I’d stopped sharing here, there was so much happening and I was barely processing it as it was happening that to write felt more overwhelming than beneficial. Let’s be honest, I dropped off back in 2014 during that most eventful year and I didn’t have a strong enough habit to continue to write. There are about 5 draft posts sitting here that I might get around to finishing, just to give some context about how I got from 2013 Kylie to 2016 Kylie. It has been quite the transformation!

Why come back now? Late last year I did my first baby triathlon. Yes, me! It scared the hell out of me, it put me so far out of my comfort zone that the growth was extraordinary. I wrote myself a training plan, I took steps to overcome my weaknesses, and I worked hard to get to it. This year, I’ve joined a triathlon club and this week I started their beginners program. This is HUGE for me, people! 6-7 days a week training in a group, being pushed beyond where I perceive are my thresholds (always lower than what it really is), and building towards big goals.

I read a few running and triathlon blogs, from beginners to elites, and the thing I like reading are the stories of people doing things that they didn’t think they could, achieving goals that seemed big and scary, of their journey to reaching those goals that include all the ups, downs, setbacks, and triumphant returns. I’ve not found a lot of beginner blogs that I can relate to and as I started running more last year I would have found that useful.

So, here I am at the start of my triathlon journey and maybe I can inspire someone else who has bipolar or has had spinal surgery (I gave a bit of context last year here, but there is more to say on that fun adventure) to change their life with exercise and becoming part of a supportive club. It has been quite the adventure so far and I have some BIG, scary goals for 2016, so I don’t think it’s going to be dull!

Jasper 1

And we grew our little family late last year and welcomed a spoodle. If you’ve been around since 2007 and know the story of my divorce, you will understand what this means to me. Jasper is a VERY different dog to either Burberry or Coco and he is keeping us on our toes!

If you are interested in running, triathlon, rookie mistakes (I think there are going to be some of those along the way), furbabies, ramblings on life and bipolar, there might be something here for you this year!

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