Monday goodness

There is so much negativity in the media, on social media and in our world. There is also immense goodness, joy and stories to warm your heart. Each Friday, Elise Blaha has a series called ‘Weekend Links‘ and I love that she shares good things, things to make you smile and things that pique your curiosity.

I like curiosity.

This is my little contribution to sharing the good in our world and things that have grabbed my attention amongst the noise of life.

All you need to know about coffee (stolen from Elise but well worth resharing!)


I love snail mail. I was the kid with ten penpals at one time and there was one that we wrote to each other for over ten years. I often wonder where Jeanette is now! On one of my trips down the rabbit hole (I think it started with fountain pens and moved onto journals, before winding up in the digital world of letter writers), I found the Letter Writers Alliance and immediately applied. I love that you have to wait for your username and password to come via the post! Official card carrying member now.

My 2014 OLW is BRAVE. This article reconfirmed to me that braveness is not about being the first to try something, nor following the crowd. Brave is about the little things we do to move forward, listening to the whispers we give ourselves of what is the right choice for us.

I recently added this poster to my study and it is a lovely reminder to myself.

For all my fellow creatives, this might help explain the unpredictability of our ‘muse’!

Have a good day.

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