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When I saw Kelly X blogging about her bento box, I knew I had to somehow work out a way to get one! It appealed to my inner grazer, the person who needs variety but small portions and lots of colour. I looked around for ones in Australia but nothing compared to the simplicity of those offered by Planet Box. I finally ordered one a few weeks ago and it arrived last week to much squealing from me (it was a inaudible squeal as last week I had lost my voice, so imagine a mouse squeaking).

This week has been all about bento! I did order the Modern Art magnets to decorate the front but after the first washing of my box, they now live on the fridge at home. I am pleased to say I used my bento every day this week and enjoyed the variety and freshness of everything. I’m still working on portion sizes, as I found I have been giving myself too much food each day. In order to not fill myself to over capacity in one sitting, I’m starting to get my box out of the fridge earlier and eating my fruit or snacks before lunch.

My ‘planning’ included purchasing a few pre-made salads from the supermarket to make up the larger portion of my lunches (I split a serve for one over two days), as well as fruit, nuts, rice crackers, Babybel cheeses and a dip. I didn’t really know what would and wouldn’t work this first week so just chose to wing it a little! Next week I will continue with the salads but might also do one day with more of an antipasto theme. I was looking up ideas for bento lunches and that one really appealed to me – mixed meats, cheeses and some marinated veg. Small, cut up fruit has worked really well, as has the small treat portions. I love the idea of not missing out but encouraging a small portion of something sweet, whether it is candied nuts or a dark chocolate covered muesli bite. I do need to hide these from Simon who ate all but one during the week!

I have discovered the cult of bento boxes online. Just Google ‘bento lunch’ and you will lose an hour or more looking at photos and wondering ‘How on earth does anyone have time in the mornings to create that?!’ as you see image after image of shaped sandwiches, fruit and cheeses. They do look amazing but seriously, I can not even fathom having the time, or the brain capacity, at 7am to do more than throw a few things into my box!

Added bonus to having my bento: saving money by not going out for lunch on campus every day! Eating healthy AND saving for my wedding dress. Double bonus!

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One thought on “Bento love

  1. Shai Coggins says:

    Oooh nice! Coincidentally, Bento Boxes has become my recent obsession too. But, not for me. Looking at creating Bento lunches for my kids. Ordered some stuff a few days ago and looking forward to getting them. Hope I can deliver! 🙂 Looking forward to your Bento adventures shared. 🙂

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