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2013 goals

Goal_marchAbout half way through February I realised that I couldn’t remember what I had on my goals list. Just as with my OLW, my goals weren’t front and centre last month. In an effort to get things back on track, I wrote my goals on a post-it-note and taped it to my computer. Great idea, but it didn’t help me accomplish more. My head was elsewhere during February.

So, to recap at the start of February my goals were:

  1. 21 days of walks
  2. Learn to crochet
  3. Valentine’s Day mini-book for my love
  4. Two scrap challenges
  5. Eat better, smarter and smaller
  6. Basic website design for kjp design
  7. Complete one photo walk and blog it

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I stank at my goals for the month. Around the middle of the month, I wrote about my #21daysofwalks in my Run post.

21days walks 1We had a week of getting out there and enjoying the cooler evenings, but that was the sum total of our walks. I don’t think we even reached ten in total.

There was a very late surge towards number two on the list! Yesterday afternoon I looked up ‘learn to crochet’ on YouTube and found this video. It’s not pretty but I did finish this last night:


As I said, not pretty and somehow ended up decreasing when the rows were supposed to be the same length. Never been good at keeping count of stitches! The reason I want to learn to crochet is so I can finish the blanket I started for Mama last year. I want to crochet the edges to bring it altogether and I want to do it, not ask someone else to finish it for me. Clearly I have some way to go!

Number three is also a partial completion. When I wrote my goals I had a specific book in mind to use and had a plan to make a mini-book about 2012. I ran out of time and I had some Scoopons for photo books that were rapidly expiring, so I made a photo book for Simon based on our photos from 2012.

Valentine bookValentine book insideSimon loved it but I was disappointed in the quality. You can’t tell from the above picture but the inside pages have very obvious screening on the prints and to me, look quite poor quality. The cover is great but the Scoopon only came with 20 pages and it isn’t enough to make this hardcover book seem anything more than two pieces of cardboard with a few pages stuck in the middle. Luckily I didn’t pay very much for the book otherwise I would have been very upset!

In January I was very enthused with the layout I did for the Scarp Challenge I entered. The layout didn’t take me all that long to do and I was feeling motivated and thought knocking two more over in a month wasn’t that big a task. Best laid plans …

Number five was a given as we had already started Lite n’ Easy and it makes it ‘foolproof’ to eat well and in good potion sizes. The bit you don’t count on is emotional eating with sneaky chocolate and caramel sundaes and junk food binges on the weekend.

Website …

Photo walk …

So what went wrong in February? I think there were a couple of things that were going on which all contributed.

  1. The weather turned cooler (yay!) and we had quite a few storms and a lot of rain (yay for needing the rain, not so good for being stuck inside for weeks). I know it is an excuse but I found it a convenient excuse to get out of evening walks.
  2. I think I was over ambitious by having seven goals. In January I set myself seven goals (seven is my favourite number) and even though I didn’t achieve all of them, it didn’t seem so overwhelming. February was a very different month.
  3. I had a mood swing in the negative direction. It came about because of a couple of factors such as late nights, not enough ‘bubble time’ as I call it, but most especially because of a huge increase in stress at work. One of my colleagues is a walking black cloud and is draining quite a few of us. It isn’t the happy and fulfilling place it was in January. It will get better but it got to me (and still is).
  4. Depression for me leads to lack of motivation, activity falls away (I’ve barely did any yoga in the second half of the month) and I was definitely less inspired and creative.

I have a lot of work to do to overcome my tendency to personalise and internalise stress. I need to delve into why I find changing my routines to make exercise a priority so hard to do. I also need to be more forgiving of myself.

In light of this, I’ve reduced the number of goals for March and made them more in keeping with this lower mood.

My goals for March are:

  1. Walking for exercise.
  2. Learn to crochet (I’ve already started but I don’t call learning two stitches all that much).
  3. Complete two personal layouts for my own album and two for my Mama’s album (I’ll post more about that soon).
  4. A Sunday drive with Simon.
  5. Read two more books from my library.

It’s only the third month of the year and this is still a new process for me. I’m going to keep going and see where this takes me. Thanks for sticking with me!


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