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2013 archives bannerFrom when I was a child all I wanted was a dog. I don’t think I really realised what that entailed. I was chased by dogs when I was seven and jumped off a 15′ retaining wall to get away from them and I developed a strong fear. My Dad had a bad experience with a dog as a child and was never keen on the idea. Mum grew up with a menagerie of pets and I think was happy to side with Dad, knowing how much work is involved with a dog! I did have goldfish – once as a toddler and apparently I believed they belonged in the ocean and I flushed them down the toilet, and later as a teenager when I got a ‘live’ showbag at the Easter Show but forgot to change the water (his name was Fred). We also had a budgie at one point, who’s name was Lucy even though it was a he.

I still NEVER gave up on wanting a dog.

It wasn’t until 2004, when I had a sniff of moving into a house and I ran towards that sniff until it was a bushfire. I adopted Burberry in October 2004 and Coco came along at the beginning of 2007. They both brought me so much joy and were my little shadows. I honestly believe that if it was not for my dogs, I would have gone downhill a lot sooner than I did.

I loved the idea of scrapbooking and I had a mountain of supplies between 2004 and 2007 but I had no confidence and so little motivation to start work on layouts or books. It wasn’t until I was living at my parents’ home in around 2008 that I felt ready to make a mini book of the first few months I had Burberry. You will laugh when you see where I made this book:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh, how far I’ve come! From a single bed and a computer desk to this:


Seeing that photo again makes me love my studio even more! But, I digress.

So, now that you’ve seen WHERE I created this little mini book and that I was only slowly finding my feet with scrapbooking and flexing my creative muscles again, this little book is much, much more than paper and pictures for me!

DSC_1336Somewhere along the line I had picked up a dog themed mini book kit with the intention to make something about Burberry’s first year. It came with papers, stickers and pre-printed pages with tabs. In the front window, I added a picture of my boy off centre and wrote with a white pen his name and the year. All of the photos in this mini book are original pictures from my Nikon SLR (before my forays into digital photography and before even the iPhone). Please forgive my sketchy memory as to where I found embellishments and papers – it has been five years since I made this book!

DSC_1337My title page is based around the colours of the Burberry tartan. I adore Burberry perfumes and since about 2002, I have only worn Burberry perfumes. I figured that my loves should share the same name! (Coco was named after Coco Chanel. She is a little black spoodle and I did joke that she should have a pearl collar.) The tartan on this page is a swatch of flannelette material Buffy found. The letters are from a Making Memories ‘Simply Stated Alphabet – Trademark’. I love the leather embellishments but I have no idea who made them (I still have a couple left somewhere!).

DSC_1338Page 2 and 3 are four portrait photos of the happy little guy. The bone paper I believe was from the kit and the white mat and the green background are brazzil card stock. The quote sticker is also from the kit. The little paw prints are from Stickapotamus.

DSC_1339Page 4 to 5 are all about play time, especially Burberry’s red ball on a rope. You can see the pre-printed page patterns in the middle here. Again, the background paper is likely Brazzil’s card stock. The bone paper and the yellow striped paper are both from the kit. The ‘It’s a dog’s life’ rub on is from a set called ‘Pet Sentiments’ but I don’t know the maker! The stickers on the right page are most likely from the kit (maybe?).

DSC_1340Page 6 and 7 are images of random things that ended up in Burberry’s toy box. Everything from a toy mouse, ropes and a comfort puppy, through to my ugg boot and a loofah brush! The four photos on the left are all separate images, very closely aligned to be stuck together (the days before Photoshop!). To cover the join in the centre is a fabric sticker. On the right is a paw print paper (I do know it didn’t come from the kit!) and a ‘happy’ sticker.

DSC_1341The last page is one of my favourite photos of Burberry after a haircut, hiding in the grass in the backyard. I called Burberry ‘Buba’ and I added that in chipboard letters, coloured by rubbing a small red ink pad over the edges. Along the top is a gold ribbon and across the photo are two Basic Grey white rub ons. The two stickers on the tab are from another kit that I had (which I still haven’t used and most likely won’t!).

I have an 8×8 dog themed album here that I’ve also had for an age and one of these days I would like to do a few more pages about Burberry, Coco and their journey since 2007 with their new families.

It might only be small but when I leaf through it, this book makes me smile. It made me believe I wasn’t without some talent, that I was right to stockpile all of these materials and cart them with me from Sydney! But more than that, it was made with such love for a most adored and long hoped for dog. It has now been longer since I haven’t had Burberry than it was that he was mine. That is bittersweet to realise but I have beautiful memories of him and would never trade those for anything!

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