Run: February

2013 run bannerI have a plan. Yes, I have a plan of easing myself into this active life that I aspire to.

When I decided to do my #21daysofyoga challenge in January, I hoped that getting to the magic number of 21 would tip things over from chore to just something that you do everyday. I was talking to Bestie about doing yoga and she said that making yoga a daily exercise would help build my conditioning to make moving back into running easier. It made a lot of sense and it feels like I am putting in place some building blocks towards my longer term goal of running the 10km this year.

I started easy with daily yoga and yup, the 21 days did the trick and now it is part of my everyday. With having taken care of my eating with Lite n’ Easy, I am starting to feel the benefits and over the next month I think I will see and feel them even more. I’ve lost 2kg so far and I am happy with that rate – not too much and enough to see progress. Slow and steady.

And the idea of #21days was born.

21days walks 1

My February exercise goal is #21daysofwalking. Just getting out there and moving – no distances to achieve, no intervals, no times to beat. Just putting on my gear and getting outside once a day to become part of my routine. I’ve kept up my yoga most mornings so I’m aiming for my walks to be in the afternoon after work or in the evenings. So far this month, it’s been a bit hit and miss unfortunately. Last week we consistently walked after work, just short walks around the neighbourhood. Sunday’s walk was more interesting, snaking my way around IKEA. This week, I’ve not been good at all, with just an extra short walk around campus and some shopping centre walks. I can’t count those meanders towards this goal as the point is it to be a walk in addition to what I already do.

I need to work on getting myself motivated to get outside and just enjoy the time with Simon and the fresh air. I get that this isn’t a race and I think easing myself into this is the right thing for me but I seem to do more talking about it than actual doing.

My plan for the next few months is to use the #21days idea to build from the #21daysofyoga into the #21daysofwalk, and than into #21daysofjogging in March (for me ‘jogging’ is intervals of walking and running) and finally #21daysofrunning in April. I sort of, kind of committed myself to running the Gold Coast Marathon 10k with my brother at the end of June and I think that has freaked me out a little, but if I am sensible and stick with my plan it IS doable.

I just have to get out of my head and START!



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