Project Life 2013: Week 6

PL13 banner

PL13_wk6_spread-2In 2012 week 4 was the furthest I got with keeping my blog up to date with my spreads. I started working and suddenly life was happening in a BIG way and keeping up to date with Project Life slipped. I never really recovered from that early slipping last year.

2013 on the other hand? Keeping up to date WEEKLY and even if I slip a day or two I am making a point of finding the time to work out my layouts, put it together and than photographing them for the blog. This feels doable this year and I can not thank my philosophy of KEEP IT SIMPLE enough for making this work so well.

And I think I’ve found my spot to photograph the spreads! The second bedroom has gorgeous light throughout the day but the morning light is soft and not direct. I am happy with this week’s photos and we are most certainly not in the running for any bad photography awards here.

PL13_wk6_spreadThis week was playing catch up from the previous weekend and for me, slipping into a little bit of a lull. I wimped out of most social events on the weekend, hence not many weekend photos.

PL13_wk6_leftI really like the way the left page balances with the title card and the Kikki.K flag sticker in the blue. The letters are Lily Bee Design. This was a happy accident as I had handwritten the date on the card but HATED the writing. I needed something to cover it completely and this flag banner worked perfectly. I had originally wanted to add Lily Bee alphas to the spread but in a moment of ‘that will take too much time’, I quickly wrote on it and it was just wrong. Thankfully when I came back to it and was a little less in a mood, this came together. A couple of photos of my cats, a photo of the beautiful orchids Redpene gave me the weekend before (with a Kikki.K circle sticker which was perfect from some journaling on a slant) and three photos from my #21daysofwalks. I’m trying out the Valencia filter on Instagram – it gives a warm, soft tint to the photos and I’m quite liking the change from Sierra. The photo of Missy in the long grass was perfect for the ‘Tall Tales’ sticker from My Mind’s Eye (‘BlueBell Playful’ label stickers). Our lawn is getting to jungle proportions but the lawn mower man still hasn’t turned up! A small Snap! Studio label sticker finishes off this pocket. The bottom right pocket is all about the February One Little Word prompt. I used a folded journal card from the Seafoam kit as the base, adhered the photo to the left half and used the right half with the yellow stripe for journaling. This is all about my preparation and the photo is of the pile of things I ripped out of magazines. Not all of them made it onto the canvas but it was fun gathering things that spoke to me as of right now.

PL13_wk6_rightThe right page covers the weekend. Friday was another overcast and cool afternoon, that brought my early Valentine’s Day present from Simon: a new iPhone 5 and a Kate Spade hard case (notice the colour of the case? Totally in love with it!). No need to tell me that I’m spoilt! Next to that is a photo of my completed OLW canvas that I took on the back deck on Saturday morning, after applying the last coat of Mod Podge. I was going to add a photo of where my canvas was sitting in the studio but after I tore the place apart on Sunday I thought this one was the better fit in the spread to tell the story. Across the middle are two more walk photos (Friday’s walk was a short one down to the end of our street where there was a freakish accident) and two photos from our date on Saturday night (sushi and a movie). The two stickers on the photo of Simon are from a very old Kikki.K sticker set for customising a calendar. I found them in my clean up and thought they’d work well here. The bottom left is a picture if Chinese New Year that I found of Facebook. We were meant to go to the dragon parade with Simon’s Mum but didn’t make it. I still wanted to note CNY in Project Life because it’s the year of the snake and Simon and I were both born in the year of the snake in 1977. The last photo this week is of the rebuilding progress of my studio on Sunday afternoon (I spoke a bit about this yesterday and added some photos). This photo is from Instagram using the Valencia filter, again and I  like the softness it brings to this photo. The label stickers are both Snap! Studio. I didn’t like the handwriting on the larger label so I stuck white label stickers over the top and write with a ballpoint pen, rather than a Sharpie, and I am much happier with that.

I’m enjoying seeing the album build each week, rather than huge chunks in one mad catch up session. I can’t believe this is my fourth year doing Project Life! Or that it’s taken four years for me to work out my style and what works for me! Persistence and patience.

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