Lulls and where I try to work those lulls out

So, I’ve been super productive over the last month and a half and I was hoping beyond hope that I’d keep myself on an even keel enough to not have a lull. Alas, not to be.

Lack of sleep and being out of my routine seem to be the biggest triggers for me to have a slump and I’d been pushing myself through the week and than on the weekends packing in things back to back on both days. I wasn’t giving myself enough time to breathe and rest. I’m thinking there will have to be a new rule in my life – at least one day a weekend at home, doing nothing else but spending time with Simon and playing in my studio. I crave that time and I haven’t really had it in the last two weeks, hence my lack of posts and no new material going up here.

When I say a ‘lull’ this is NOTHING compared to ones I’ve experienced in the past. I’m functioning, I’m still working and I’m talking. I’m just not my perky self and I’m quiet. I’ve got less energy and I feel tired. My body used to let me know that I’m stressed and on edge with digestive problems. Over time I’ve cleaned up my diet and made enough changes that even when stressed those don’t flare up. Now, migraines and neck pain seem to be the new way my body is trying to get my attention. I’ve been lax in seeing my osteo and not doing the stretches I need to, thinking my morning yoga was enough. I need to get back into that routine and look after myself again.

I have done last week’s Project Life and I have finished my OLW canvas for February. I just need to photograph my spreads and add something into my OLW album about my canvas. However, what I have done is tear my studio apart and turn it into a more workable space. Exhibit A:

studyI’ve been using this space for about six months now and I knew what was working for me and what wasn’t. I’ve been pondering how I could change it up and this evolved from a looooong discussion with Simon about how we could make it work with things we already had and maybe a trip to IKEA. There was a trip to IKEA and there were tears at IKEA but so far, I really like what we came up with (it’s actually an L shape with the computer opposite to the Expedit). The other side of the room is a total mess from everything that was pulled out of the Expedit shelves and various things that had been on the floor and hadn’t previously found homes. There is a lot of organising still to do but there is already a happy customer:

rascal studyTomorrow is my usual Thursday off and hopefully I will be feeling up to getting back into my creative life. Bear with me while I work through this little lull.

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2 thoughts on “Lulls and where I try to work those lulls out

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