Project Life 2013: Week 5

PL13 bannerWeek 5! Oh, how busy you were! I spent the weekend socialising and not in my studio, which has had a knock-on effect that everything else this week has been pushed back. Please forgive me for being a day late with posting my Project Life this week. And let me tell you, it’s a monster!

PL13_wk5_spread1I think we are aiming for the award of ‘Worst Project Life Photography’ this week. IPhone, at night, bad lighting. Enough said.

PL13_wk5_left-1This is the FIRST of my spreads for this week and covers Monday through to Saturday morning. This week’s title card is a photo that Simon took of Missy. I added a Kikki.K label sticker for the dates. Monday was a public holiday and it was also the day Brisbane was declared a natural disaster. My cats slept through it. I used a Cathy Zielske free download template for the this second photo. The template is set up for 3×4 but I played around in Photoshop and expanded it to be 6×4, accommodating two Instagram photos. I like the affect this has. While the rain came down, Simon weeded the garden bed near the carport, revealing that we had in fact not killed the new chili plants! Also on the left page is my new desk chair (before and after shots) and Rascal enjoying the packaging from said new office chair in the bottom right corner. The small yellow stickers are from Martha Stewart, the journal card is Studio Calico and the label on the bottom card is 7 Gypsies. The bottom left photo is last week’s dry ice fun by my significant other!

PL13_wk5_right-1Top of the right side is Jasmine’s first day of school (photo taken by her Mama). Where did that time go? The quality of the photo wasn’t high because it came from Facebook so I printed it smaller and adhered it to a cardstock background before adding washi tape and a Kikki.K label. A photo of Simon’s mango clearing with text added in Photoshop is next. Across the middle is probably the Photo of the Week – Simon was looking for Missy outside and she was lying under the bottom step. Rather than moving out from under the steps when Simon called her, she rolled over and poked her head out! I added a Pebbles Tape sticker and an old Project Life arrow sticker to show where she is hiding. Saturday breakfast, some journaling about Saturday morning’s party preparations and a photo of me in the new sombrero for the photobooth dress up box! The bottom left is a photo from Twitter that was posted by Chris Hadfield from the ISS. How amazing is that!? Bottom right is my monthly card for February using an advert for a Sarah Blasko album and some American Craft Thickies.

PL13_wk5_insertThis spread also has an insert of the newspaper from Tuesday morning about the floods.

PL13_wk5_spread-2There was so much fun had at the 35 Candles party that I couldn’t just add it into an insert. I worked in a block of three: first column is photos from around the table and Simon’s nature photography; second, across the next two columns, are photos from our impromptu photobooth, finishing in the last column with photos from Sunday.

PL13_wk5_left-2Close up of the left hand page. The first photo uses a Paislee Press 6×4 template for the three photos. I’ve had a quick look on the Paislee Press shop and I can’t find this pack there – it may have been a free download awhile ago but I’ve added a link to have a look at her other great digital packs. I created the label using a circle template (also Paislee Press) and layers of text using Helvetica Neue in Photoshop. Two photos across the middle by Simon with a small sticker label on each (I think it was 7 Gypsies? I ripped the label off the pack unfortunately!). The bottom photo is Simon’s brilliant image, which ran a close second for Photo of the Week, of a gecko taking on a spider on our back deck. All of the photos on this page were taken with our Nikon DSLR.

The middle column has some of our photobooth fun photos. I gathered up a box of random hats, glasses, a feather boa and mustaches for everyone to have some fun with.We set the DSLR up on a tripod and Simon left it on a timer for it to keep clicking away while we posed. After a few champagnes we got quite into it! The top photo is of the birthday girl and her partner, followed by a photo of RedPene and Ali. Bottom pocket holds two photos printed on 6×4 paper. The top sticker is from the Kikki.K Sketch sticker book and the other two stickers are Amy Tangerine.

PL13_wk5_right-2Oh, the bad photography of the spread is just bad.

More photobooth fun, more Amy Tangerine stickers and another Kikki.K Sketch sticker. I really love these photos of the girls! The last column are all iPhone photos from Sunday. I went avisiting my Aunty and cousin who are moving to Mackay this weekend to say goodbye. The top photo is of my cousin and I. I used a Martha Stewart sticker cut in half for some journaling on this photo. The middle photo is of my awesome glass markers stuck to a metal plant pot for safe keeping and next to that is a photo from Simon’s Mum’s garden – she was very proud of her orchids flowering after the big move last year. Bottom pocket is again two photos printed on 6×4 paper, this time using another Paislee Press template. These were both also taken at Simon’s Mum’s. The other half of the Martha Stewart sticker is used here for a little bit of journaling.

Week 5 is over but this weekend is also looking busy! There may be a few chances to get into my studio and play around and hopefully next week I will be back on track with my blog post schedule!

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