December Daily Looking Back: Day 20

Dec-daily-bannerDay 20: 2010

DD2010_DSC_3459DD2010_DSC_3460December 20 was a Monday in 2010 and being only a few days from Christmas, it was a busy day at work. The left page is a few of my finished paintings for Christmas presents. The first picture was for Dove, the second for my Aunt and Uncle and the two at the bottom are the finished paintings for my Mum and Dad (I’d like to point out here that Dad still has not gotten around to hanging these on the lounge room wall!). I can’t find any remnants of the paper I used on these pages, but I have a feeling it was Basic Grey. The stickers on both pages are from the Kikki.K 2010 Christmas sticker pack.

The right hand page is a large photo of the sunset as I drove home. I think it was the first time I’d been able to take a photo all day so it sums up how busy I was. The rub-ons along the bottom are from the Kaiser Craft ‘Belle’ Collection. In the middle is an small insert of two photos back to back. The front is Dove’s present wrapped up (which I put on Facebook and Dove was very excited) and the back is my coffee cup from that morning. The sticker that goes around both is from KIkki.K.

Day 20: 2011

DSC_8390Keeping with the handmade theme, in 2011 I was working on handmade wrapping paper! Using two Donna Downey Prima foam stamps, I overlaid the two stamps in red and white to create a textured pattern on brown paper. The photo strip on the left is three Instagram photos of the process. The first is of layer one with the white stamp, the second photo is my clothes line playing drying rack between stamps, a little bit of journaling and the final picture is of the finished paper. Across the bottom of the photo strip is an Ali Edwards ‘Holiday Work Art vol. 2‘ word strip. The background of this page and the middle of the right hand side is some of the finished paper that was leftover from Christmas. The large photo on the right is also from Instagram and shows the presents all wrapped up for under the tree. I used white wrapping paper and my custom paper as a belly band, before adding ribbon and handmade tags. As I put this together after Christmas, I added one of the ribbons and tags I saved. I created the tags with a 2″ punch, added some red Versa stamp ink around the edges and a Thickie for the first initial of the person’s name. I created a small tab with kraft card stock, rounded the edges and wrote ‘Twenty’ on it for the date.

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