February goals

2013 goalsWow, January has come and gone! Here is what I set for myself in January:

  1. Finish my Project Life 2012 July-December album
  2. Begin a new knitting project with a new technique
  3. Create product for my Etsy store
  4. 21 days of yoga
  5. Take evening walks with Simon
  6. eBay things that have been sitting around for a bit too long
  7. START and stick to a blogging schedule

And how did I do with my goals?

Well, my Project Life 2012 is >THIS< close to being finished. All of the spreads are done (yay!) but there are a few insert pages still to finish up. Close but not quite.

Jan knitI was much more successful with number 2! On the left is a scarf I started and finished using circular needles for the first time. Accidentally, it also ended up being a mobius scarf! Two new techniques there! On the right is a sampler that I started with Redpene’s help and there are quite a few techniques that were new to me in that one! Long tail cast on, decreases and yarn overs, as well as seed stitches after this photo was taken. Look at me being knitting girl!

Number 3. Ummm, well, this is where I’d gotten up to and unfortunately, they haven’t moved on from there:

Jan canvasI’d like to do a series of these using One Little Words to help inspire people. The idea for the canvases is to write the words in the middle with india ink and a paint brush. You can even see some of my practice words that I did on my protective cardboard underneath. Again, so close but not quite there.

21 days of yoga: big tick! Loved this one so much and I wrote about it just yesterday.

Evening walks and eBaying things … moving on.

My blogging schedule is working brilliantly and as you can attest, I am keeping up with posts every day except Sunday. Admittedly, Saturday is pretty easy but I am enjoying working out what I want to put up during the week using Wednesday as my base for posting my Project Life spread from the week before. Hopefully, over the coming months I will be able to keep it up and there will be regular posts (Run, Scrap challenges, OLW, goals, photo walks), around things from my ‘archive’ (December Daily, old Project Life weeks, paintings, mini books). Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am up to! It helps keep the motivation up!

Okay, so February is a new month and we can start with a new set of goals and lots of good intentions to better my 50% average (I’m counting number 1 as a half success because the spreads are done!).

In February my goals for the month are:

  1. 21 days of walks
  2. Learn to crochet
  3. Valentine’s Day mini-book for my love
  4. Two scrap challenges
  5. Eat better, smarter and smaller
  6. Basic website design for kjp design
  7. Complete one photo walk and blog it

I really enjoyed my 21 days of yoga and as the month went on I wanted to do it each day and now it is a routine (yay!). This month I want to step it up to getting outside and working on my cardio. I’m starting small with no pressure for distances or even running intervals at this stage. Just consistency of getting out each day and moving. Hoping that with the combination of number 5 and continuing with my yoga each day, the walking will also become something I just do and building up to running and my 2013 goal of a 10k.

I have a website. It has been ‘coming soon’ for *mumble* years *mumble*. In 2011 I started to teach myself Dreamweaver and I did get a basic website started but I got lost in CSS rabbit holes. Being part of my goal of 2013 to learn web design, I’d like to get a basic website up this month, even if it just links the blog to here and my ‘store’ to my still developing etsy site. This is where I got to in 2011:

kjp design front pageI think I can build from there and use the same kind of design but simplify it even further. I’ll let you know when it’s up!

Here’s to February dawning bright and full of promise for everyone!


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