Yoga gridI did it! Yes, I did indeed finish my January goal of 21 days of yoga. Okay, so I missed a day here or there but I added days on the end and I’m calling that goal achieved!

I’ve done yoga on and off for years but it hasn’t been something I’ve done consistently in over ten years. When I lost 22kg back in 2002 I started taking yoga classes and loved how it made my body feel as my conditioning improved. I was also doing aqua aerobics, hiking and rock climbing at the time, and altogether it made my body strong. If only bipolar hadn’t kicked my butt for the next six or so years!

Yoga is something I know makes me feel good, both mentally and physically. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my daily routine. My ‘daily routine’ has been something of a myth up until recently. Since we moved last year a few things have been slowly falling into place to actually make a routine a reality. By moving out of the city I needed to be out of the house early to get into work and to make sure I got a parking space on campus. When I did get my parking permit I still wanted to get to work early because it finally clicked that getting in early means leaving early! So I’d built myself into a routine of being out the door around 7am.

Over my summer break and with setting my goals for January I saw an opportunity to trick myself into making yoga part of my routine. I had the first two weeks at home and I made Simon get me up before he left for work and I did a session of yoga each morning. In that time it became something I looked forward to and when it was time to go back to work, I actually was happy to get up a bit earlier to fit in my yoga session!

Now that we are doing Lite n’ Easy we need to prepare breakfast, rather than making toast and eating it in the car. So last week I needed to bring my wake up time back even further to fit in yoga, breakfast and getting ready to leave around 7am.  And I’ve been doing it! Getting to bed that little bit earlier is still a work in progress and I was a walking zombie for a few days last week. This week I’m doing better with that.

I have liked the Gaiam yoga DVDs since the early 2000s and have about six different ones. I mostly use the ‘AM and PM yoga for Beginners’ but sometimes mix things up with ‘Yoga Conditioning for Women’. I enjoy doing the AM workout when I get up because there is a five minute meditation and than some gentle stretching. It’s also around 20 minutes in total which works well for my morning routine! The Conditioning for Women is a longer workout and, while it makes you work, it feels great when you have finished.

To finish my goal I celebrated with buying a new DVD: ‘5 Day Fit Yoga‘ as it has a selection of shorter sessions. I can’t wait to try it out and be able to have a choice of morning routines. I can almost repeat the AM session with Rodney Yee word for word now!

Oh, and you might have noticed there are a few photos of my little yoga buddy. Neither of our cats are overly affectionate but for whatever reason when I put my yoga mat down, Rascal comes along. She wanders around to get head scratches, rub against my toes and than settle down on my mat. It’s become my daily Rascal time and the other morning she even walked underneath me while I was doing downward dog! Sometimes getting her off my yoga mat is the hardest part of the morning!

I am so glad that I made this my exercise goal for January. I achieved the 21 days and daily yoga is now something I just do. On the days where I don’t do yoga for some reason (being away or laziness) I find myself missing that centered feeling and the ease in my body. There might just be something to this 21 days to change a habit!

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