Project Life 2013: Week 4

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PL13_wk4_fullI am really loving how easily these spreads are coming together with the tweaks that I’ve made this year. By not forcing myself to stick to a photo a day and by allowing myself to see the spread as the whole week, I can focus on things of real interest and not things simply there to fill a spot because there was nothing else that day. Ahh, memories of lunches and coffee cups …. By far the biggest change I made and that is having the most results is the simplicity of my design. Photos, text on photos, labels on photos, writing directly onto photos and adding in journal cards as I want them. Revolutionary for me, people. Revolutionary!

PL13_wk4_leftOn the left I put my title card back in the top left corner. This is the reverse of last week’s card using the transparent paper. Here is how it looks in more detail from both sides:


I really like the softness that it creates. Please ignore the bad kearning of my letters and the number 4. It needs to be shifted about a centimetre to the right but I decided to just go with it and not rip the cardstock apart by trying to fix it.

There are two photos from Monday and the others are all from Tuesday on the left page. Simon took the photo of the traffic on Monday morning as we drove to work. We were also stuck in traffic on the way home from work that day, but no photo of that. The first photo in the middle row is of Rascal keeping my Project Life 2012 binder warm. It was clearly cold.

On Tuesday we got our first delivery of Lite n’ Easy so, me being me, needed to record this event! I used a journal card from the Seafoam kit to write some notes about it all. The best photo has to be of Simon playing with the dry ice that is used to keep the eskies cool. I haven’t seen him grin that much with pure glee in a long time! Too much fun! (Yes, he did the same with yesterday’s delivery, too.)

PL13_wk4_rightThe right is a mix of the remainder of the week. Stormy skies, work, BBQ with friends, eating more fruit than I’ve ever before with the new diet, Rascal chilling out, new knitting project and this week’s tv viewing. The Nelson Mandela quote was something I saw on Facebook that was shared by about a million people. It really resonated with me and my OLW this year. Sometimes things seem so insurmountable before you start but once you start it can be done.

I had two inserts this week.

PL13_wk4_insertsMy first insert is a grid of my #21daysofyoga photos that I took each day and posted to Instagram. A very simple layout using Kaiser Craft cardstock in ‘Sunshine’, MT washi tape around two sides, a cut down Seafoam card in the top left corner and a ‘January’ sticker from a Kikki.K sticker pack. The font is Helvetica Neue UltraLight. I’ll do a longer post about my 21 days tomorrow.

The second insert is all about the wild weather of Brisbane over our long weekend. I wanted to include a few more photos than what would fit into my weekly spread so I gridded up in Photoshop and printed it onto an A4 sheet. I trimmed my print in half so I could separate them with the coloured paper bands. Along the top and bottom is Kaiser Craft ‘Sweet Nothings Collection – Cupids Arrow’ and the blue card stock is American Crafts ‘Bluejay Weave’. The ‘wild weather’ title is in Lily Bee Designs alphas and I added some staples from my Tim Hotlz tiny attacher top and bottom. I also hand wrote some journaling along the left side and across the bottom using a Precision Pen #3.

These two layouts are 8.5×11″ and I add them into my Project Life album with a We R’ Memory Keepers 8.5×11″ page protecter. I like the contrast of the sizes of plastics and that you can easily see this is an insert in the week. Also, 8.5×11″ is my preferred working size for scrapbooking so this works really well for me!


I knew the weather insert needed just something else to bring it altogether but I didn’t want to play with it too much and ruin it. Best thing to do sometimes is to leave it and come back to it. A couple of hours later, I had a flash of inspiration and added this:

PL13_wk4_updateIt is an Elise Joy stamp and a hand drawn arrow pointing to around about where Brisbane is, which coincidentally is rich where the worst of the storm was on this picture (It had moved down the coast at this stage)! You can also see how pretty the Kaiser Craft paper is in this close up. Now I’m done.


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