Long weekend, Brisbane style

KJP wet 1Well, that wasn’t the long weekend we were expecting!

Queensland has been hit with a ex-tropical cyclone that has made its way down the coast from Rockhampton to Brisbane and is now moving into New South Wales. We have been incredibly lucky where we are. Some of our friends have not been as fortunate as us.

It’s been raining since last Wednesday and the flood waters are still rising across the state. This is our ‘flood’:

KJP wet 2I will reiterate that we are incredibly lucky where we are and this is NOTHING compared to people losing their homes again so soon after the 2011 floods. We spent the weekend inside, venturing out on Saturday for a BBQ with friends. It was a washout, as you can imagine! Yesterday, I spent the day on the red couch of awesome, watching TV and eating too much chocolate fudge. 😀

KJP wet 3Spending time inside for the humans of the household was totally fine. A certain small, furry member of the household, wasn’t so fine with it. We did let her out but she came back in pretty quick. She than proceeded to blame Simon for bringing the rain. She has returned to her ‘bed’ for more napping and the world is slightly back in order according to Missy.

Apart from that, things are good! As you can see from my regular posts, I’ve been much more organised and keeping a good balance between work, home and crafting. Admittedly this weekend has been a write off and my to-do list is taunting me this afternoon. I did come down to my study to get last week’s Project Life happening and while I got half of it done, my printer decided that not having any black ink was reason enough for it to stop working. Going to Officeworks to get printer ink doesn’t count as ‘essential travel’ so I’m not going out onto the wet and slippery roads. I did try to find a justification but even the Queen of Excuses failed to find a good enough one for that! Campus is still open (for how much longer I’m not sure) so will hopefully get out tomorrow and stop somewhere to get some ink!

The other week I was driving to friend’s for an impromptu crafternoon. It was a beautiful day, with a perfectly blue sky. I’d had a lovely morning, sleeping in for a little while, making bacon sandwiches for breakfast, sitting on the red couch of awesome with Simon drinking coffee and than heading out in my red car of awesome. It hit me how lucky I am, how perfectly ordinary and wonderful that day was and I became very emotional. I know I’ve mentioned how grateful I am for this life but it still takes my breath away. How happy and content I am still feels new and exciting and a feeling I don’t want to lose. I catch sight of my engagement ring and I have a goofy grin on my face from being so happy and in love with Simon. Even the cats are being more affectionate and greeting me at the door when I get home! I remember that scared girl in the corner of the hospital room and I know her fight has been worthwhile. I am so fiercely proud of how far I’ve come from that dark, dark place.

It’s not all roses and chocolates and yes, there are still my ‘working on’ areas. In comparison to the days of old, this stuff is minor and in its own way that feels pretty good!

I am definitely making progress with my money problems and I am lucky to have Simon who keeps me on the straight and narrow. I even have some money in my savings account! I’m not proclaiming success but it’s progress and that makes me pretty pleased with myself.

Food wise, we have started Lite n’ Easy and it is going well. Yes, we’ve tried quite a few diets and we did have success with Weight Watchers last year. We got lazy and fell into bad habits again over Christmas. A few of our friends have been doing Lite n’ Easy and the convenience was very, very appealing. I always looked at those ‘celebrity diets’ where they had meals delivered as being something I could never afford but wished I could, being the lazy one that I am. When you work out what you would spend on your weekly groceries, lunches out, takeaways and snacks, the cost was quite reasonable.

And how good is the food? We are impressed. It’s very edible and better than your average microwave meal. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg, as well as loads of healthy, portion controlled snacks. I can’t believe how much food there is! I’m doing the 1500 calorie a day program and Simon the 1800. He has an extra meal and snack every day! My dear Redpene did a review of Lite n’ Easy last year and she is back on it again. When she came over for dinner the other night, she brought her dinner pack and we happily had dinner together without breaking our program! So far, I’ve been good with only eating what is on my plan for the day but the weekend was a total write-off. We are doing the five day program, figuring that the flexibility on the weekends means we won’t miss out on socialising and we bought a few mini meals to help us if we were home. I pigged out on cheesecake and fudge (cue sugar coma) and am seriously considering taking the seven day option if I know there is noting planned on that weekend! It is too easy to get off track and undo the work you’ve already done.

My goal is to get myself used to eating smaller portions and more nutritious food. I want my body to adjust to eating for fuel and not for emotional comfort. In a few weeks I hope I’ve dropped a few of those christmas kilos and feel like I want to get back into walking/ running. I’m hoping for momentum to push me forward and my body to get so used to eating better that on the weekends I automatically make better choices. I did feel that I didn’t want to eat some of the things I was putting in my mouth last weekend but I gave into habit and sugar demons. Today I am resisting the urge for the leftover cheesecake in the fridge and sticking with my food for the day. Must.resist.evil.caramel.cheesecake.must.resist.

Thanks for coming back each day and reading my blog! It makes me so happy to see people coming by, liking posts and even leaving comments! I’ll do my best to keep up to date and sharing this journey that I’m on, both personally and artistically.

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