December Daily 2012: Days 21-25

Day 21

DD12_0005_DSC_1437.JPGThis page mirrors Day 20 and is a photo of Rascal that Simon sent me while I was in Ballina. I love the contrast of the red and green in both the paper and the flourishes across for Days 20 and 21, playing on the idea of same but different which mirrors our two cats (they are sisters from the same litter but the vet thinks they may have different fathers).

Day 22

DD12_0006_DSC_1438.JPGI managed to get home on the Sunday for one night. Before I left, Mum gave me this gluten free Christmas cake she made especially for me. It was so yummy and if I hadn’t frozen half of it before we tasted it, it would have not lasted the night!

Day 23

DD12_0007_DSC_1439.JPGThis is the first page from Day 23. Simon picked this rose from our garden to cheer me up and I took a photo of it on our kitchen window sill. I decided to do two pages for December 23 to allow me to have two facing pages for Christmas Day.

Day 23

DD12_0008_DSC_1440.JPGBy having two pages for December 23, I could also add in this photo from our drive back to Ballina. Another contrast, this time between home and travel. As I needed to spend Christmas and the following few days looking after my Dad, Simon came back with me so we could have Christmas together.

Day 24

DD12_0009_DSC_1441.JPGNearby to where my parents live, their neighbours go all out decorating with Christmas lights. When I was living there, we’d avoid it and all the people that came to see the lights. This year we decided to take a look and get out of the house for a little bit. The effort these people put in is amazing! It is also for a good cause as they raise donations for the local rescue helicopter.

Day 25

DD12_0010_DSC_1442.JPGThere were too many photos from Christmas Day to limit myself to just one, I even had trouble narrowing it down to just these ones. Thankfully I also had Project Life to add other photos that I didn’t use in December Daily. I created a grid in Photoshop and added four photos before adding the ‘merry christmas’ using the ‘Scriptina’ font. I printed this to the same size as all of the Instagram photos that I used throughout (3×3).

Day 25

DD12_0011_DSC_1443.JPGOpposite my grid is a 6×6 photo of Simon and I on the beach. We went for a walk after Christmas lunch and it was peaceful and calm. To get the gold on the wooden embellishments I simply held onto each one with a pair of long nose tweezers and dropped them onto a gold ink pad. It was all rather too easy to get such a great effect! To make them look like ornaments, I drew lines with an American Crafts Precision Pen leading off the page.

End page

DD12_0012_DSC_1444.JPGTo finish off my book I added this quote from the Kaiser Craft ‘Twig & Berry’ die cut pack. As with all of my mini books I finished it off with my name stamp.


Paper: Kaiser Craft ‘Twig & Berry’ Paper Pack

Paper: Brazzill’s Kraft Cardstock

Embellishments: Kaiser Craft ‘Twig & Berry’ Die Cuts / ‘Twig & Berry’ sticker sheet

Tape: MT washi tape

Date stickers: Kaiser Craft ‘Turtle Dove’ Numbers Sticker Sheet / ‘Twig & Berry’ Number Sticker sheet / Simple Stories ’25 Days of Christmas – Countdown Cardstock stickers

Sodalicious Chipboard stars

Kaiser Craft Wooden Flourishes ‘Mini Baubles’

Brilliance Pigment Ink ‘Galaxy Gold’

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