Goals: 2013 + January

A new year, new resolutions. I’ve never been able to stick to ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ so I’m going to call them goals and START working towards them (see what I did there? Working in my 2013 word!).

Last year I blogged some goals here and here and it did help me to actually do them, being publicly accountable in a way. Last year, as part of her 2012 One Little Word, Elise did a series of monthly goals based on what she chose to do that month. I really like how this year she is also focusing her monthly goals on her 2013 One Little Word. This year, I want to make better use of my blog and putting my goals for each month out there is a way for me to do that. But let’s start with my goals for the year, the ones that will be broken down each month into more manageable pieces.

2013 goals

  1. Run a 10km Fun Run
  2. Two new mini-book projects
  3. Learn how to crochet and lace knit
  4. Learn more web design
  5. Open my Etsy store
  6. Take a class in a new artistic medium
  7. Enjoy a holiday with Simon somewhere that requires a passport

A mix of goals across all aspects of my life. Some will be easier to achieve than others but the idea is that they are there for me to refer back to and START each day to work towards them.

Let’s break them down into my goals for January.

  1. Finish my Project Life 2012 July-December album
  2. Begin a new knitting project with a new technique
  3. Create product for my Etsy store
  4. 21 days of yoga
  5. Take evening walks with Simon
  6. eBay things that have been sitting around for a bit too long
  7. START and stick to a blogging schedule

Some of these I’ve already begun (number 2, number 3, number 4 and the beginnings of number 7). Others I just need to do (number 1 and number 6) and number 5 I want to do because a. it’s good for us and b. it will be a time to connect and chat each night.

Starting manageable and we’ll see how I go. I’ll let you know next month!


One thought on “Goals: 2013 + January

  1. […] of my goals for 2013 is to run a 10km fun run. Not run/walk. To run it. Right now that feels almost […]

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