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Back in 2008 I was in a bad place. I was coming off the worst year of my life. I was still unwell and at the start of my journey of recovery. I was unemployed, living with my parents and feeling very lost. I read a post by Ali Edwards about her One Little Word for 2008 and I realised this was something that I needed and it could help me. In 2008, my word was BALANCE. In 2009, it was PATIENCE and in 2010, it was JOY. In 2011, my word was LESS.

In 2012, I didn’t choose a word and I think that showed in a lot of ways. I wasn’t focused. I flirted around the edges of getting my diet and exercise under control. There was major change when we moved into a house from our itty bitty unit. I started working again and went from a three day a week admin assistant to a full time, contract Education Officer in six months. My social life expanded and I became friends with some truly wonderful women. My life changed so much in those twelves months and out of that came the seeds of my 2013 word.


It comes back to that first step to achieving all my goals and dreams. START. The beginning of a journey starts with one step. There are so many things I WANT to do and yet, I procrastinate, I avoid and I think ‘I’ll do it later’. I want to embrace my word and have it at the forefront of my mind everyday. When I saw Ali Edwards’ One Little Word workshop it felt like the right time to make my word really mean something this year.



I have STARTED the workshop and I’ve STARTED my binder. I really enjoyed Ali’s 31 Things workshop from last year and I work better with project based things, rather than a loose idea of ‘working on a scrapbook’. I saw Elise’s binder and liked the idea of using the hard plastic page at the front of my album to highlight my word. Look at me using washi tape like a pro!


My title page is a mix of photos, of quotes about starting and a few art cards to inspire. My colour theme is yellow. I loved working with yellow and teal last year in my 31 Things album and the colours have carried over into 2013. They are also featuring heavily in this year’s Project Life.


The first prompt for Ali’s workshop involves your intentions for 2013, focusing on using your word to guide those intentions. I loosely worked with the prompt to create this page but I wanted them all to be on one side and not spread over two protectors. In the pre-class material, Ali suggested looking up your word in the dictionary and thesaurus to really gauge the meaning and other words which are part of the same story. I found this exercise powerful and helped focus my intentions. I created the right hand page in Photoshop using the meanings and adding in synonoms for START. I did a few test prints and they have been used elsewhere.


To keep my word a part of my everyday, I added one of those test prints to the wall in my studio. My other test print has made it into my 2013 Project Life binder. A test of one of my quote cards made it onto my 2013 Moleskine diary for a custom look. I also grabbed some chipboard letters the other day and am aiming to do an artwork with them. For my ‘To-Do’ book, I used a 3×4 card from my Project Life working box, added a sticker and wrote START. I’m using it as a bookmark and I see it every time I open the book. I also customised my iMac desktop using a desktop image that I found on the Smashing magazine website. I’ve ordered a necklace from Etsy and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I haven’t changed the wallpaper on my phone yet but that is on the list, too.

It is time for me to START making the 101 ideas in my head into some kind of reality. I am sure this workshop will help to focus me and achieve so much more in 2013.

One Little Word is inspired by Ali Edwards and her 2013 workshop is available through Big PIcture Classes. My blog banner logo uses Ali Edwards’ logo from the workshop, as does some of my artwork. 

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7 thoughts on “One Little Word 2013: START

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