December goals recap


So, how did I do with my December goals, I hear you ask? A mix of successes and complete failures. In my defence, two weeks of December were not spent at home due to rushing to my Dad’s bedside in hospital, which threw all of my plans out the window!

A quick recap.

  1. Eat salad/leftovers: when I was at work I did this about 80% of the time. I will call that a success. When I was traipsing between hospitals and running errands, I failed at the eating healthy thing, hence, my considerable weight gain. Again.
  2. Four weeks of Couch 2 5k: Ummm … next question.
  3. Increase my daily km’s: surprisingly I didn’t do too badly at this. At one stage I was leading the group with km’s without doing anything more than walking across campus to my car and my normal things. A couple of times I forgot my fitbit and my km’s were noticeably lower when I was sitting next to my Dad playing Bejeweled.
  4. Finish first 6 months of PL: Done and dusted! I am pretty damn happy with this one! I am still working on the second half of the 2012 but it’s very close to being done also. About 2011 …
  5. December ‘Insta’Daily: well, I took the photos and I have done the first 13 days but that is as far as it’s gotten. Combination of running out of American Craft 6×6 page protectors, not being home and focusing on Project Life has seen this fall by the wayside for the moment. When I get Project Life 2012 finished, I’ll get onto this.
  6. Christmas budget: I went close but a few extras slipped in here and there. Throughout the year we’d been claiming gift cards at certain stores as rewards on our credit card. We saved them all for Christmas time and it worked pretty well. This year I think we will do the same again but with a wider range of stores where we can use them. I also need to do a bit of planning earlier than the start of December I think!
  7. 31 Things: Done and dusted! My post is here and my complete book is on Flickr here.

I have some goals for 2013 (not resolutions, goals people!) and a shorter term list for January. I’ll share them soon to keep me honest!


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