December Daily 2012


I toyed with the idea of not doing December Daily this year. Knowing how far behind I am with Project Life (update: I have finished the first six months of 2012! Happy dance!) and when I’ve done this project over the last two years I haven’t ever finished in December. When I really thought about it though I actually do love looking back through these mini books and seeing the story of December as a whole. As well, I love sharing these books with other people, especially ones who feature in them. A couple of good reasons to reconsider.

One of my big concerns was time. With all my catching up to do, with working and with wanting to actually be LIVING life not just documenting it, I knew I needed to set some parameters if I was going to do this. The big lesson from doing the 31 Things book for me was to not over think the design and to stick with something simple. I’ve been working this philosophy into Project Life and the process is flowing and coming together really well. So, I thought if I stick with the same philosophy for December Daily this will be doable.

Here’s my plan:

  • Go small. The last two years I’ve used 6×8 books (the same size as Ali Edwards did). I have had a plan to make blank mini books and sell them on Etsy for people who don’t have the time to do the set up for this project but still want to document their December. I’ve not go around to actually doing that yet hence, I already had a stack of 6×6 pages and heavy cardboard cut that I could simply pull out and use. Set up done!
  • Stick with one kit and colour scheme. I really enjoyed working within a colour range with 31 Things and I liked the idea of not having to over think the design of pages but I wanted to still give myself some flexibility around what worked with each photo. I found the Kaisercraft ‘Twig and Berry’ collection when I was shopping at Spotlight. I love the colours, as well as the matching embellishments. I grabbed a 12×12 paper pack and the die cut card pieces to start off and knew I had card stock in similar colours. I ordered the sticker sheet with my latest order and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival to put into the mix.
  • Use Instagram. My name is Kylie and I’m an Instagram addict. Glad we got that out into the open. I am also a Sierra filter addict which gives a nice yellow, sepia tone to the photos. I add a few photos a day to Instagram and I figured that during December there would certainly be a few Christmas themed ones. To keep things simple, I want to use one photo to represent each day, maybe two at the most. They don’t have to all be Instagram photos but it makes it easier to narrow my choice down.
  • No pre-printed template. Similar to Ali Edwards’ December Daily I’ve used a template that I’ve set up in Photoshop each year. Last year I broke the mould a few times and I like how those pages turned out. Keeping it simple also means that I’m not wasting time on set up. Simplicity!


So, here is a sneak peek of December 1 and 2. Very, very little journalling (we all know I can write A LOT) to keep it simple. Complementary products keep the colours consistent and easier to quickly decide on a layout. I’m also telling myself to go with it and not ‘umm’ and ‘ahhh’ over each page. Stick it down and call it done.

Using all of that logic, I put together a title page and the first five days of December in under half an hour. The cover is still blank as I want to cover it in fabric. I need to dig out my fabric stash and I need to get some more glue.

Simple means I can catch up QUICKLY every couple of days and this doesn’t feel overwhelming in the least! I might even share it with you during the actual month of December! As my grandfather used to say ‘Wonders will never cease!’

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