31 things: smell


Beautiful white roses, freshly ground coffee, baking bread, grass after the rain, my cats, the combination of spices and garlic when making a curry, the clean air outside of the city smog, vicks when you have a cold, old books, Burberry perfumes, cinnamon and spice at Christmas, brand new Apple toys just out of the box.


The perfume my Grandmother wore (4711) and the talcum powder she would sprinkle on her feet after a shower. The smell of the bush on a crisp winter morning just before setting off on a hike. Freshly baked chocolate cake that Mum used to make for afternoon tea. Popcorn at the cinemas. The scent of gardenias in the garden. How my dogs smelt after a bath and were all soft and fluffy. A particular smell that I can’t put my finger that was distinct to my grandparents’ house in Concord – old house that didn’t get enough sun, kitchen smells, dog food, flowers. The lolly shop my Uncle used to take us to. Grass, cows and gum trees at my brother’s farm. The smell of racing fuel from the pits at Oran Park where Dad raced cars in the 1980s. The smell of the river at Sussex Inlet when we were out on the boat and spray would coat us as the boat raced across the water. Freshly baked fruit mince pies by Aunty Pip at Christmas.


When I was about twenty all I wanted was Lancome’s Tresor perfume, I had been seduced by the advertising and the quirky triangular bottle it came in. It was a lesson in learning that every skin type will not react to the different perfume notes in the same way. After that I tried Calvin Klein perfumes (One and Contradiction). I found One to smell a bit like flyspray on me, but I did wear Contradiction for a little while. I also liked Chanel’s Allure at the time. I had a selection of different scents and alternated them, but I hadn’t settled on a ‘signature’ scent. The first time I smelt the original Burberry perfume, I knew that it was me. It was a parfum and it maintained the different notes on my skin over the whole day. Since then, I have only worn Burberry perfumes. Beat, Brit, Brit Sheer, Weekend, London. I’ve since discovered that the original isn’t easily available anymore, as I’d only just been thinking about returning to that when I finish the bottles I have (Beat, Sheer and London). Luckily, I discovered that the new version of Brit is a parfum and smells very much like the original. I was very happy when I discovered this and it just so happens it’s my birthday very soon!


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