31 things: drink

  1. Coffeeeeeeeeeeeee. I have to admit that I don’t drink as much coffee as I used to. My consumption seems to drop as my age increases. I have a coffee in the morning with my breakfast, usually a coffee bag or if it’s a non-work day I might make a plunger coffee. When I get to work, I have a ‘real’ coffee with the girls around 9.30am. On a weekend, we often go out and I will have a coffee with breakfast or brunch. I’ve also decreased the cup size of what I drink. I used to have a large or even a HUGE, but now I have a small and am satisfied with a single shot of espresso.
  2. I don’t have coffee after about 3pm anymore. It seems to be the cut off point for it affecting my sleep. In the afternoons I drink tea if I need a hot drink.
  3. My favourite teas are Earl Grey and Prince of Wales tea. I have a selection of T2 teas and I am rather partial to the French Earl Grey. Simon likes the T2 chai during winter.
  4. Most of the time I drink water. I’m not a fan of soft drinks and I’ve only been having juice recently because I’ve been sick. I like the Immunity Juice blend from Boost or plain orange juice.
  5. Simon drinks mineral water in preference to still water. One of his favourite Christmas presents was a Soda Stream that my Dad gave him (with a little help from me). It is one of the most used items in our kitchen! Si has also been drinking Coke Zero while we are doing Weight Watchers. Coke Zero is available everywhere now and it makes the choice easier for Simon when we are out.
  6. Growing up we weren’t allowed to have a drink with our dinner, we needed to wait until we had finished our food. It’s funny that even now I find that I might have a glass of something on the table with dinner but I will wait until after I finish eating before I drink most of it. Old habits die hard (just like hanging onto the side of the shopping trolley).
  7. My parents drink wine with dinner these days but growing up, I only remember them drinking wine infrequently. They are social drinkers and might have a bottle or two of something in the fridge, a bottle of champagne for a special occasion or even a case of beer. Dad loves port and I have enjoyed a good port with Dad every now and then.
  8. When it comes to wines, I love a good sticky wine. Brown Brothers Orange & Flora Muscat is one of my favourites, as well as a nice Moscato (Brown Brothers or Banrock Station are high on our list). I’ve converted Simon to sweet wines and occasionally we share a bottle when we have a yummy dinner to compliment it.
  9. I do adore red wine. The only problem is that I don’t have anyone to share it with and I can’t bring myself to open a bottle of wine and only drink a glass from it. I think a bottle should be drunk completely when it’s opened and not stored. Half bottles are great for this and it’s easier to splurge on a lovely half bottle and enjoy it guilt free!
  10. My drink of choice is a gin and tonic. I wasn’t a kid who experimented with alcohol and I’ve only been drunk a couple of times in my life (with funny results). It took me until I was in my mid twenties before I’d tried gin and found that I quite liked the refreshing taste of gin, tonic and a wedge of lime in summer.
  11. In our alcohol ‘collection’ (such that it is) we always have vodka (the current choice is a Finlandia with lime), gin, Maker’s Mark, bitters and tequila. At the moment we also have a bottle of Wild Turkey’s American Honey, which we tried in Queenstown last year and bought a bottle when we got back. A bottle of spirits will last us a long time, as we are such infrequent drinkers.
  12. Holidays at Grandma and Grandad’s meant happy hour at 5pm. Their neighbours would come in (or they would go there) and enjoy a refreshing drink at the end of the day. It always seemed a civilised way to wind down from the day and ease into dinner. It seems like a throwback to the 50s and 60s (hello, Mad Men) but it does seem to have merit!
  13. I’ve had Moet and I’ve had Grange. I wasn’t overly impressed with either of them. Maybe I don’t have such expensive tastes after all?!
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