31 things: setting up

After my big catch up on Friday with the words, I started thinking more about how I wanted to put this project together. Ali Edward’s supplied 12″x12″ templates with the workshop but I don’t like working that big. I had a couple of 8″x8″ albums here and I liked the size so I’ve had in mind this layout when I’ve been writing. With working in an album, I can have a photo page and a text heavy page facing each other. I also knew I could fit more words on a page this way.

So, above is a sneak peek of what I started last night. I hesitated to start (what if I mess it up? What if it doesn’t look like what I have in my head?) but once I started it come together  quickly. I am really happy with the result so far! I went to the scrapbooking store yesterday and, apart from being annoyed at all of the annoying products they sell and the fact they were out of white card stock (seriously!?), I did find a yellow album that I knew would be perfect for this project. I have no idea why I am so drawn to yellow at the moment but I’m going with it.

I’ve also run out of the paper I’m printing on and will need to pick some more up next week. I have a few photos I need to take for a couple of the subjects but I have printed quite a few from photos I already have. I really like that this is about right now but also about how my history is informing that. I’m bring in photos from days gone past and mixing things up.

Can’t wait to share when it’s finished!


One thought on “31 things: setting up

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