31 things: uniform

Classic. Elegant. Bespoke.

That is how I would like people to describe how I dress and it is something I aim for but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. My wardrobe is evolving again and even more so at the moment as I lose this mask I’ve been hiding behind.

On any given day I will most likely be wearing something black. It is my go to colour and I know it works for me. I choose good basics to build around and I wouldn’t hazard a guess of how many pairs of black pants I’ve owned over the years. Lately, I’ve been wearing skirts and dresses more than I have ever in the past (thanks to the discovery of support pants that are long in the leg which stops chaffing but they also hold all of your bits in, including ugly muffin tops! TMI?). I have been embracing new things, moving out of my comfort zone and seeing what works for me. The only catch seems to be that when I find something I like, it’s then too big for me in a month or so!

The colours that dominate my wardrobe are black, blue, green and white. There are splashes of other colours creeping in with red, mustard and teal blue making their way in recently. Mustard and teal have been my favourite combination together or added in with other colours in the last few months.

Patterns don’t work well on me and it is rare that I wear anything with a pattern. If I do, it is usually in a skirt that can be broken up with a solid colour on top. Even when I am smaller, I don’t lose my curves and patterns don’t seem to like me. I have tried and occasionally convince myself it will work after purchasing something, but inevitably they sit in my wardrobe unworn and unloved. Solid, strong colours work best for me and I like to add pops of colour or interest with jewellery and shoes.

I have two wardrobes: fat Kylie and tiny Kylie. For the last eight years, the fat Kylie wardrobe has dominated. I hung onto my tiny Kylie wardrobe all that time and it has been fun going through things recently that have been boxed up for five years and actually finding things that fit again. It’s like a treasure hunt with new clothes each week. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes at the moment (I am avoiding the June sales) for the simple fact that if something fits me now it isn’t likely to in a few months. I have some lovely clothes from late last year/early this year that I bought for interviews that now no longer fit. Admittedly, this is a good problem to have.

We have a bag at the bottom of our wardrobe for things that are to be donated. I started it awhile ago and over time have added more to it as I finally decided to let go of things I’d been umming and awwing over. Now, it is bursting with clothes that no longer fit and pieces that are well past their used by date. The last few years I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes and those things have worn out, as well as my taste changing (what was I thinking when I bought that spaghetti strap baby doll top?). I wore jeans, blunestone boots and a work shirt for three years when working in a warehouse and I lost a sense of my own style. I am happy to say it has come back.

My preference is always for something simple. Solid colours, classic cut pants or skirts, shirts or tshirts, cardigans or a jacket. I’m embracing stockings this winter and having a bit of fun with them too. I often build my outfit around my shoes or a handbag or even what jewellery I want to wear that day. On the weekends, I simply do a more relaxed version of this – jeans, shirts, cardigans, jackets, boots.

I am not a jumper person, I find them constricting. I prefer a cardigan or sometimes a vest over a nice shirt (I mean a real vest over a real shirt, not the combination half and half shirts you can get a Kamrt for $6). I love my leather jacket that I’ve had for a number of years now, complete with many patch ups of a tear down one side. The last repair was to glue it down but as it started to wear away, I sewed over the area with chunky stiches and made it look a part of the jacket. I do like this little hack. I can actually do it up again and my size 12 Basque suit jacket now fits properly, too, although I can’t quite do it up yet. I know in the tiny Kylie wardrobe are some lovely suits, which I am looking forward to being able to wear again.

As my style evolves and my income improves, I know that I will choose more tailored pieces and of better quality. I already do gravitate to more higher end shops but I am scared to outlay too much money in this in-between period. I love the effortless chic of French women and that is what I’d love to emulate. Good quality investment pieces that are mixed and matched with other items to wear time and time again.

Classic. Elegant. Bespoke.


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