31 things: technology

I am an Apple devotee from way back.

I first used an Apple in high school and was a little addicted to ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’.

I have an iMac.

I have an iPhone.

I have an iPad (or two).

I have a Macbook.

I have an iPod.

I have an AppleTV.

I have my own Apple guru who keeps me well stocked in Apple toys.

I feel lost if I don’t have my phone during the week but on weekends I don’t rely on it as much.

I text on a daily basis: Simon, Susan and Kristine. On a weekly basis, I text Jacki and Gracie.

I don’t email as much as I used to. I receive a lot of emails but they are mostly from things I have subscribed to and are deleted after I’ve had a quick look at them. I try to keep my inbox small (both at home and at work).

I use a PC at work and have to get used to swapping between the keyboard commands and the scrolling for the difference systems. I miss my magic mouse when I’m at work.

I use email and an internet browser on a daily basis (Safari or Firefox). I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis. I use Adobe Creative Suite fairly regularly but I’ve forgotten all the short cuts. I use Word and Excel at work daily, as well as many online university programs.

I would be lost without a calculator and am happy now that I always have one with me on my phone. It also translate different languages, tells me the time, reminds me when I have appointments and plays music. What a great little thing.

I rely on my phone to remember people’s phone numbers, even my home phone number. This does embarrass me a little.

I get my news from the internet and only sometimes from the tv. I can’t remember the last time I bought a newspaper.

I am always connected to the internet. My phone has 3G and we have wireless at home, at work and at our parent’s places. I remember the times of dial up and having to wait to be connected, of swapping the phone jack out for the modem jack. Now I get upset when the modem reboots every once in awhile and I’m offline for a few seconds! Yes, first world problem.

I adore my digital camera and the ease of working with digital photos. I still have my film Nikon and want to get back into playing with it but it begs the question, where do you get film processed these days?

I love my printer and my scanner and when I am crafting, they are essential components of what I do. I’m thinking I’d like to add a newer Wacom tablet into the mix. I have an old one somewhere but I’m not sure it will work with the iMac. I would be happy to be proved wrong when I find it.

I love, love, love iTunes. I spent a week copying every CD I owned onto my iTunes when I bought my first iPod and was in awe that the little black shiny thing in my hand held all of the CDs I owned. I rarely buy a CD anymore (what do I do with the case once I’ve added it into iTunes?) but I haven’t stopped buying music. I love how iCloud let’s you sync across all of your devices.

I love that Apple seems to know what I need before I realise I need it!

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