31 things: shoes

As I sit here writing, I am wearing a big, warm pair of blue socks. I’ve been at home sick and these have been keeping my toes toasty. I do have a pair of Ugg boots (a cheap $20 pair from Target) but they have a hole in the toe which doesn’t help in keeping said toes warm.

I wouldn’t say I have more shoes than the average woman but if I’m honest, I have a lot of shoes. I also have a lot of shoes that need to be gone through and quite a few probably will be thrown out. As with clothes, I’ve bought cheap shoes over the years, which have hurt my feet, but I’ve fought valiantly on in the name of fashion. Most of these shoes will most likely be thrown out!

I wear a size 6-7, depending on the brand. My foot has grown and become broader over time as well. I love a strong shoe with a chunky heel, no stilletos for me. I adore boots but we’ve had a love/hate relationship over the years. It is definitely been tipped into the love category again of late.

I have large calf muscles that make finding a pair of knee high boots incredibly difficult. Every winter, I try to find a pair and am always disappointed. Well, this year I found a pair and after having looked for so long, I had to buy them and explain the huge bill on our credit card to Simon later (thankfully he liked them!). They are from Wittner and leather at the front but have stretch lycra panels at the back. Perfect! This makes for one happy Kylie. The first pair of knee high boots I had was way back in my skinny clubbing days of the late 1990s. I think I still have them somewhere, but it has been many years since I’ve been able to wear them.

Since I was a child, I have had a love affair with red boots and shoes. I remember having a pair of red suede boots that looked like the boots people wore in fairy tales. I loved, loved, loved these boots and it took a very long time before Mum convinced me to part with them (I think I also grew out of them but tried to keep wearing them). I have a pair of red boots from a few years ago that are ankle boots. I also have had a problem with fluid on my ankles (not as bad as cankles but close) and this has finally come under some control and I might be able to wear those red boots again. BUT! A few months ago, Simon gave me the most gorgeous red Camper boots and I wear these at least once a week, if not more! I alternate between these boots, my long leather boots and a low ankle, Ecco black boot for work.

Now that I’m working at a uni, I do a lot of walking from the bus or car and then I am always up and down when I am at work. I tried to wear heels a couple of times when I first started and then spent a weekend with my feet up recovering. During summer I lived in a pair of black Colorado sandals before moving onto my delectable selection of winter boots. Having said that, I do have quite a few pairs of beautiful high heels that I want to wear. I may need to wear them in again (or in the case of the two pairs I bought last weekend, wear them in for the first time) before I attempt to wear them to work.

Last year before we went to New Zealand, I picked up a pair of Columbia hiking boots. My last pair of hiking boots were Solomon and I adored those boots. The only problem was that the soles disintegrated (I had a few pairs of shoes do this once I moved to Ballina) and were useless. I did not like throwing them out. My new boots are rather lovely, though and I wore them every day we were in Queenstown. Now that the weight is coming off, we might actually be able to get into hiking this summer! This will also make for a happy Kylie.

The is one thing you won’t find in my wardrobe: thongs. Yes, over the years I have had thongs but I cannot join the thong brigade that is Brisbane. I do have Birkenstocks and am due for a new pair. That will be my concession to living in the tropics. Inside, I go barefoot if possible so having house shoes isn’t something I bother with either (Mum has these cute sparkly slippers that she wears indoors but I prefer bare feet).

My shoes live in the bottom of our wardrobe, either just sitting on the floor or in their boxes. I also have shoes in some plastic tubs under the bed and I have a feeling there are more in my storage boxes. I can’t wait to move and actually be able to pull everything out and sort through things.

In total contrast, Simon owns approximately four pairs of shoes: his Keens that he wears every day, a pair of runners, a pair of good black shoes and a pair of slip on Nike slides. He is a man of simplicity.


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