31 things: watch

I watch a lot of tv and sometimes, I watch very little. Simon watches a lot of different shows and I’ve come to like a few of them, too. I’ve spent a lot of the last year watching entire series of shows to catch up, such as Chuck, Covert Affairs, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Castle, The Good Wife, The West Wing and Doctor Who.

I watch on a weekly Once Upon A Time, Eureka, Bones, Castle, Fringe, NCIS, Suits, The Good Wife, and Warehouse 13. I need to watch Fringe from the beginning soon.

I watch my favourite shows however they come: Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Homeland, Doctor Who, The West Wing, Grand Designs, Farscape, Red Dwarf, and Spooks.

I watch some free to air tv but then it’s also usually well after it has been on live and I can skip through the ads. I enjoy The Project, Randling, Who Do You Think You Are, and First Tuesday Bookclub.

I watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries for the 1920s clothes, music, sets and the divine Miss Fisher. I am a bit obsessed: I have the books, the DVDs and the soundtrack.

I watch tv on my iPad from iView, YouTube and from blogs.

I watch very little some days and prefer to play music through the AppleTV. I sometimes put on concert DVDs and have them playing in the background.

I watch a movie at the cinema usually once a week. We have a date night with dinner and a movie. I like to think I’ve lifted Simon’s choice of movies a little but I can still enjoy a good action movie. We have seen The Avengers twice already!

I watch the photos scroll through on the iPad2 we have set up in the lounge room as a digital photo frame. I can get lost seeing pictures from holidays, our lives together, our cats and from times long past. Simon has set it up to pick up photos that are tagged with each of us in his photo stream. I need to go through my photos and create albums from my photo stream for it.

I watch my cats play and sleep. While I will never stop missing my dogs (and am hopeful that I will have another dog in the future), my cats have won me over and they are just too cute.

I watch Simon. I watch Simon work, play with the cats, look after me, move through life with confidence.

I watch how my life changes through my photos, words and my art over time.

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