31 things: read

Me & my books

ONE| I have devoured books since I was a child. I remember the librarian at school gently suggesting that I don’t borrow certain books because I would have them read by the end of lunch time. She was always right. I remember wanting to keep on reading after I was supposed to turn off my light and for awhile I would sneak out of bed and read by the crack of light at my door. Inevitably, I got caught and my bedroom door was always closed after that!

TWO| The words Simon dreads to hear are “I’ve run out of bookshelf space!” This scares him most of all because there are still so many of my books to be unpacked. Another trip to IKEA is in our future for more bookshelves. It is one of my dreams to have my own library, complete with wall to wall bookshelves and a comfy lounge. Think the library of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. This also scares Simon.

THREE| I have fought and fought joining the iBook invasion. Since I have had an iPad (and an iPad2 and an iPad3 – I upgraded quickly!), I have started to buy a few books from iTunes. When I first got my iPhone, I did download reading apps, most notably the Complete Works of Shakespeare. My copy was packed away is my justification. When Simon was away I found it easier to read on my iPad and wait for him to call me on FaceTime. On my iPad I’m reading Peter Fitzsimons’ biography of Nancy Wake and I also have the Bloggess’ book Let’s Pretend This Never happened (A Mostly True Memoir) there to read.

FOUR| I will never lose the love of physical books. I love the touch of the paper, the covers, the smell, the different sizes and how they look all lined up on my bookshelves. Some books are for at home reading as they are on the large side but most of the time I will have a book with me wherever I go. I have no problem sitting in a cafe on my own and just reading, I prefer it to be honest! I’m not so good with reading while on a bus or in the car, seeing motion out of the corner of my eye plays with my equilibrium. Trains and planes seem to be okay.

FIVE| What I’m reading now: Stephanie Alexander’s A Cook’s Life, Kerry Greenwood’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Penelope Hanley’s Creative Lives: Personal Papers of Australian Writers and Artists.

SIX| My favourite place to read is in bed, curled up with a cup of tea, and most nights this is what I do before I turn off the light. Our lounge is not overly comfortable but I do often sit listening to music and rubbing the belly of one of the cats. Sitting at my desk eating lunch is now a regular spot. I would love to have a comfy chair or a beanbag that I could put next to the sliding door and bask in the winter sun, if we only had the space for it! Maybe soon?

SEVEN| My favourite books are varied and speak to different aspects of who I am. The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird for sheer brilliance in writing and wonderful story telling. A Farewell to Arms for the emotional journey and power of Hemingway’s use of language. Katherine Kerr’s The Deverry Series for the characters and the journey she takes you on over 18 books. Harry Potter for the pure joy of reading and magic. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries for the escapism, wit of writing and the darling character of Phryne.

EIGHT| My library ranges from my favourite children’s books, to novels, poetry,  biographies, text books, art and reference books, through to cookbooks, gardening books (I try, I really try!) and scrapbooking books. You can pretty much sum me up from looking at the books I own.

NINE| I am dangerous in bookshops. Just saying.


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