31 things: morning

How different our morning routine is now to last year or even the year before. Two years ago I got up before 6am to throw myself in the shower and run out the door to be at work by 6.30am. I mostly succeeded in this. This time last year, I’d moved to Brisbane and I was in the land of relaxation. I’d get up around 10am, well after Simon had left for work, and lazily have breakfast while reading blogs or a book.

Now, I’m in a much more structured routine that we keep refining and making better all the time. I was never a morning person, but as I am nudging myself into going to bed earlier, I am walking up earlier. I’m waking up around 7am (sometimes 6.45am when Simon is away) and having a ‘five minute’ lie in. When Simon has dragged me out of bed and given me a hug, we make the bed together. At this point, a cat usually jumps up and settles into the quilt for the morning.  It’s been a bit colder in the mornings lately, so I find my ugg boots and my hoodie before I wander out to the kitchen. After putting on the kettle I take my tablets: lamictal, multi-vitamin, insulex and an iron tablet. Depending on what I’m having for breakfast, I put my porridge in the microwave or my English muffin in to defrost. Some mornings Simon makes banana smoothies and crumpets. I found that when I was having my morning coffee in a larger mug I lingered while I finished it and would often end up running late. I now have my morning coffee in my Penguin ‘Great Gatsby’ mug which is smaller and I don’t take so long to finish it.

We both eat our breakfast while watching Sunrise and by this time, the 7.30am news is on. Sometimes the cats wander out to join us and Simon usually puts a chair next to the sliding door for Rascal to sun herself on. Often Simon will finish his breakfast before me and hops into the shower – this works for me because he gets the water temperature just right for me! I’m very OCD with my showers: wash and condition my hair (if I need to), wash myself with a sponge and liquid soap (currently using a Burberry Sheer body wash), scrub my face with A’kin Exfoliating Scrub and finish off with brushing my teeth while doing my calf exercises. When I hop out of the shower, I put in my contact lenses and apply my moisturiser and eye cream.

MOST of the time I have worked out what I am going to wear the night before or I plan out the week on Sunday. If not, it’s a case of “What am I going to wear!?” I like to wear something smart to work: pants, skirts, linen shirts, cardigans; mixed with boots, stockings, jewellery and sometimes a hat. If I’m not working, it’s most likely jeans or a skirt, with a slouchy tshirt (then again, most things are slouchy on me at the moment without even trying). Once I’m dressed, it’s back to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I’ve recently started wearing a little bit of makeup again. I’m learning to love liquid eyeliner, and I always groom my eyebrows before making up my eyes. Now that it’s a bit cooler I might add some powder in the hope it won’t sweat off on my way to work.

Simon is much quicker at getting ready than I am. He wears a work tshirt with shorts (in summer) or long pants (in winter), along with his Keens shoes. He’ll grab his lunch (if we have leftovers) and his snacks before giving me a kiss as he leaves to walk to the station. He leaves around 8am and gets to work around 8.45am.

After Simon leaves, I’m usually close to being ready. I check my extras bag and remove anything I might not need (cardigan, different coloured scarf, etc). If I’m taking lunch from home I make up my lunch box (a very cute cooler bag) or I add some snacks straight into my bag. I check the water bowl and dry food bowls for the cats, topping up if necessary. I close the sliding door and sometimes the windows if it looks like rain, before I head over to the lounge room to pick up my bags, grab my keys and put on lipstick – lucky we have a mirror next to the door.

When I was catching the bus to work, I would leave between 8.10 and 8.20am. Now that I’m driving it is even more time sensitive to when I leave, as parking can be so hit and miss on campus. My aim is now to leave home between 8am and 8.10am, and at this time, I usually get a park along the river. I grab a coffee from Cafe Nano in my cute travel mug on my way to my building and hit my office around 8.45am.


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