31 things: jewellery

I wear jewellery of some kind every day and always silver. My Mama wears gold jewellery and I have a few pieces from her that I wore as a child (including a friendship ring that my Dad gave my Mama before they were married). In my teens I realised that gold didn’t look good against my skin and from then on I have only worn silver or white gold.

I’m a big fan of beads and I have quite a few necklaces from all over the place that I mix and match on a fairly regular basis. They were living in two coloured bowls on our chest of drawers but since I’ve been working and wearing them more, this was no longer working. My solution was to place them all into a divided container so I can see each one and they are no longer tangled together. The added bonus of this is that the container now smells of my perfume!

The pieces I wear regularly are:

Tiffany 1837 ring: Simon gave me this and it was a gift that took me unaware (he loves my deer in the headlights look). We were in Tiffany picking up my graduation present (an ‘S’ locket) and of course, I was looking at other things, too. I pointed this ring out and Simon suggested I try it on. I loved it and he simply said ‘We’ll take that one, too.’ To me, the two entwined rings represent the two of us and I’m noticing that I am gravitating to jewellery that comes in pairs. I wear this ring every day on the middle finger of my left hand. It has changed fingers and may again as it is feeling loose!

Silver diamond ring: This was the first ring Simon gave me for Easter 2010. It is a single ring but it splits into two with one band being made up of small diamonds. I wear this ring on my ring finger of my right hand, but sometimes I mix it up with other rings on this finger. I have another silver ring that I bought for myself when I got my job at UQ (with a double wave pattern) and also some coloured resin rings and large cocktail rings that I play with depending on what I’m wearing.

Armani watch: During the week when I’m at work I wear a watch. For a long time I didn’t wear a watch, preferring to check the time on my phone. Since I’ve been working at UQ I like the sophistication of my silver watch and I often check it rather than my phone. I bought this watched in 2007 after I had left Sydney and the house was sold. It represented my new life. It has a rectangular face, like a Cartier Tank watch but with a silver, rather than a leather, band. I love the roman numerals and the small second hand behind the main hands.

Earrings:  My ears can be sensitive to certain types of metal and I’ve learnt to remove my earrings at night. I choose my earrings based on my outfit for each day, but it’s not unheard of for me to forget to put earrings in! My selection is, of course, all silver and ranges from studs to hoops, to pearls and coloured stones. I’m not an extrovert with my earrings but I do have some large dangly earrings that I very occasionally wear.

Necklace: Most days I will wear a necklace but it varies in what kind, based around what I’m wearing. I prefer longer lengths and I have two long silver chains that I mix the charms on. One has my silver Tiffany ‘S’ locket and a kikki.k scissor charm, representing my boy and my craft. A second silver chain has my silver Tiffany ‘K’ locket (given to me by Susan in 2008 and my first piece of Tiffany jewellery), along with a small elephant charm. I also mix my Tiffany blue box charm onto these at times. My favourite beads at the moment are my chunky aquamarine necklace, a red bead necklace and a beautiful lariat with multi coloured and different size beads. I bought this for myself in Bangalow in 2007 as a sign of moving on and giving myself beautiful jewellery that I loved.

Bracelet: On days where I don’t wear a watch I often wear a bracelet of some kind. It can be my Tiffany charm bracelet from Simon for Christmas 2010 (which I’ve found actually works better for me without the charms), a silver bangle from my parents, coloured resin bracelets from Susan or a leather band. I’m not averse to mixing these up either! I will often take off bracelets when I’m working or driving as I don’t like them clanging together too regularly but when I’m out and about they are fine.


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