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As promised, here is how I’ve been putting all those bits and pieces of life that are collected into my Project Life albums. I am a collector of little pieces that have meaning but just can’t throw out: ticket stubs, tags, post cards, shopping lists; but my previous weekly layouts left no room for me to add them in.

My solution was to utilise the We R Memory Keepers 9×9 baseball card page protectors. I first used these in Lauren’s 21st album for small photos, and again in Jane & Marc’s 25th wedding anniversary album. Here is a look at those (sorry for the bad photo on the left! It was taken on the kitchen table at Mum’s and the flash flared):

I have quite a stash of these page protectors and knew they’d be perfect for those bits and pieces I gather in my wallet and on my desk! Here is what I did last year:

I started this in about May last year. I created my own cards for each month with a little ‘bits & pieces’ logo in InDesign and have one for each month from May to December. As you can see, a mix of things we were doing, our interests, even the coffee I drink! This worked really well for me, to cull what was important and not feel guilty when I threw things out! It was great to be able to see a snapshot of the month as well – July was our trip to New Zealand and the December page is more Christmas related.

I wanted to keep things going for 2012, even though I am adding more things into my weekly layouts. I collect A LOT of stuff, as Simon will attest to! I wanted more colour in my month cards, which I did by adding in some backgrounds from the Clementine and Cobalt digital packs in InDesign. Here’s a look at how I set the file up:

I printed these on my inkjet printer at home (I use a very old but incredibly reliable Canon i865) on gloss photo paper. They really pop in the page protectors. Here’s a look at the start of my January page:

Because I am adding things into my weekly layouts, this time around I have more space so I’m adding in quotes and Instagram photos that don’t appear anywhere else. This is working really well for me and I like the look of this already.

I’ll post these at the end of each month when they are complete. I think I can switch things up a bit more with this one if there are things I want to add in and if I do, I’ll repost it at the end of January, which is next week!!!

If you are interested in my monthly template, leave a comment and if there is enough interest I might post the file as a PDF to print.

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One thought on “Bits & Pieces

  1. […] If you are like me, keeping little bits for each week can become overwhelming when you get behind. Which week did that belong to? Do I have everything relevant or is there something in another hiding spot? I’m “pretty good” at keeping things in the same place but with moving there was a pile from before the move and than a different pile formed after the move. Something I thought that might help with this is to create plastic sleeves (nothing fancy, just ones from an office supply store) for each week/month and put them in a central place. When the month is over simply put the plastic sleeve in your album until you get back to it or store in a “safe place”. Another tip is to put dates on the back of these little items (such as shopping lists, tags for clothes that you’ve bought, tickets, etc) so when you find them you can easily add them into the correct week/month. I’ve talked about how I put these bits and pieces into my albums here. […]

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