Project Life Week 3

I am loving completing each spread at the end of the week! I’m loving even more being flexible with the photos and the days of the week to capture more of what is happening. This is a whole new approach for me and right now, it is working really well for me! Let’s take a look at each side.

This week’s colour theme is a blue/green. I also printed a couple of larger photos without a white border this week (ooooo! breaking my own rules already!). One of my other blog crushes is Elise Blaha and I love how she has been adding in opaque boxes onto her photos, so I thought I’d give it a try and the photo on the top right is what I came up with. Simple journalling that didn’t require much effort! I use Photoshop to do my photo editing, although my skills are rather limited! I’m looking to invest in some filters and actions that you just open and presto! I love the filter effects of Instagram so might be worth a try to buy a few actions and have a play around. Across the middle is a temperature screenshot from my phone, a print out of last week’s ‘today’ from the left hand side of my blog, a poster for this week’s favourite tv show and an instagram photo of the girls. The photo on the bottom right is an instagram photo that I resized to be 3″x3″. I stuck it onto a piece of blue paper from my stash, added a mailing tag and a rub on. The thing I am finding the most fun at the moment is going through things in my rather large stash and actually using things that have been lurking there for years! Simon is happy, let me tell you!

Here’s where the green of this week’s colour theme comes in because of the Moonlight Cinema postcard! The top left is a mix of my instagram photos from our night out at Moonlight cinema. I resized the images in Photoshop, added them into a new file as layers, played with the positioning, then printed and trimmed. Across the middle is another overlaid opaque box with text right onto the photo of the eggs. The next is a small picture of my lunch (resized to fit onto the small card), a week round up and two photos of us at the Moonlight Cinema. The bottom left photo is of Rascal hiding in her tunnel, with text added in Photoshop and a sticker added after it was printed. The final image is of my cookies with silver sticker lettering and a cut down shipping tag.

This week I have two inserts. This one is 8″x8″ and is a We R Memory Keepers page protector. I had a few extra photos I wanted to add in this week so I thought this was a good way to do that. The first photo is the cupcakes that Grace got from one of the suppliers at work for her birthday. Underneath that is a picture of the cookies we bought from Paleo Snacks. The back of the insert is some photos from our night out with our friends.

Insert 2 this week is my diet update blog post and my paleo cookie adventure! I used Ali Edwards’ 6×12″ layered templates, added in my text straight from my blog as well as the photos I wanted to use. To print, I turn off the text layers and print my photos onto photo paper. I then turn off the photo layers and turn back on the text layers. Into my printer I add the 6×12″ card stock I want to print on and print the text only. I then trim my photos and stick them to the card stock.

Here’s a look at Week 3 from 2010 and 2011.


Life is so, so different each year and I love that I’m able to capture that through these albums. It reminds me, also, how rich life is right now and not to overlook that.

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