Diet update + cookies!

We are still hanging in there! Changing your diet COMPLETELY is never easy, but with the two of us doing it and helping each other, it makes it a little more bearable!

I am being very, very spoiled with Simon making me breakfast every morning! He gets up earlier then me, so he makes up a batch of scrambled eggs with ham/bacon and veggies and wakes me up with this and some coffee (I know, I know! Can he get any better?). It is more work then toast or cereal but it starts the day right and I’m rarely hungry before 1pm. Lunch is now usually a protein and salad. We like to go to Oporto and get their Fresco salad, although the amount of protein is on the smallish side. Kebab plates are pretty good as they give you a HUGE amount of protein. Simon is also having a tuna and beans mix with his salad some days, but I’m not a fan of tuna so that’s out for me!

Dinner is pretty easy now, albeit rather boring. Protein and veg. That’s it! We mix up the proteins and the veggies to try and keep it interesting. I’m also experimenting with minced meat (chicken or beef) and making a modified bolognese, without the spaghetti obviously. You can mix in heaps of veggies chopped finely, diced tomatoes and herbs, and even beans. I made one the other night and it was delicious, plus I had enough left over to freeze some for ’emergency meals’ (you know, those nights where you can not be bothered to cook and would rather just have takeaway?).

Our Saturday cheat days have been rather funny. We start out thinking “Oh wow! We can have anything we want!” but not long into the day we are finding we can’t finish things and we really don’t feel like over indulging! We do make a point of having hot chips, ice cream and pancakes, though not at the same time obviously! We also try to go to the movies on a Saturday so we can have popcorn and Simon can have frozen coke. Simple pleasures! We did find that Dominos are now doing a gluten free pizza base, which was great on our first Saturday splurge. We just don’t recommend you try to eat it once it’s gone cold – it was like eating soaked cardboard! It can get rather costly to eat out for every meal on a Saturday so this weekend we are going to make a few things at home that we now normally don’t have.

Did someone say cookies?
I tweated the other day in frustration that I wished paleo man had eaten cookies. A friend, who has a lot of food intolerances, sent me a link to Paleo Snacks. I’m eagerly awaiting my delivery of Caveman Cookies but as we are going out to the Moonlight Cinema with friends tonight, I decided to try and make some cookies of my own!

I found this recipe and decided to work with what I had. So here is my recipe:

400gm almond meal
150gm hazelnut meal
100gm chopped walnuts
2 cups of honey, warmed (I used 2 types of honey as that’s all I had!)
1 cup of chopped dates

I missed the part of the recipe that said ‘put in fridge for an hour to make the mix easier to work with’ and as I was running out of time and still had to roast some chicken wings to take as well, I rolled the cookies in all their sticky goodness! I put them in the oven at 180 for 15 minutes and then checked on them, but left them in for another 2 minutes. They came out still soft in the middle and once they’d cooled they were lovely and soft.

The verdict from our non-paleo friends was a resounding yum! Simon especially liked them, which was even more important! I got 14 largish cookies out of this mix and still had mixture left which I put in the fridge to bake on the weekend. It went a long way!

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2 thoughts on “Diet update + cookies!

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