Project Life Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of this year’s Project Life! I was hoping to post this last night but life got in the way, but nonetheless, here it is!

Above is the open spread with inserts in the middle. Below is the right hand side with the inserts and a close up on the inserts. As you can tell, last week’s colour theme was red!

Last week was Simon’s birthday so I included his birthday cards. I love having somewhere to store cards so that you will actually see them and they aren’t stuffed in a shoe box somewhere in the garage. The back of the birthday cards is a flyer from where we had Birthday Dessert. As well, I’ve include a small card from my Aunt thanking us for going to the Christmas Family Reunion and for the Monster book! Jane also included some photos of her and Mama making the Christmas puddings in October last year, which I attached to the back of the card.

Here’s a closer look at the two spreads:

Still very much liking the week overview card and making notes on the other cards. It feels more immediate and personal. I’m also still loving using Instagram photos, even for the larger photo pockets. You might have noticed that I’m going with a white border on the larger photos this year. It’s more of a design choice than any other reason, just to try something different. I kept this theme up with the small picture in the last pocket of me and Buffy, even though it’s a smaller, custom size.

I’ve never posted my previous year’s Project Life spreads, so each week I’ll add in the corresponding weeks from 2010 and 2011 (incentive to finish 2011!). Covering three years in one post – go me!

Very basic and a traditional style … okay, rigid! It’s the only word I can think of when I’m photographing these. I can be so strict with myself! Perhaps I should think about this in other areas of my life too … I digress. When I doubled up with small photos I also doubled up the journal cards to write about the extra photos.

 We have an insert! The second week on 2011 saw the Brisbane floods and me not being able to get to Simon on his birthday (I was very upset but at the same time feeling devastated about what I was seeing unfold. Simon was safe but without power). I included the front of Who Weekly and a newspaper from that week to show how the media covered this event.

There you go! Week 2 complete and I’m working on week 3. I mentioned that I’d show you how I’d been gathering bits and pieces into my albums. I’ll show you that soon because I think I might do something similar this year as well, which I’ll probably start including next week.

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