Project Life title pages & albums

It’s Project Life time again!

This is my third year doing this project and I’m changing things up a little this time. I am a designer. I’ve been trained as a designer. I have a style that I naturally gravitate towards. I find it hard to break out of this. I read a lot of art/scrapbooking blogs and Becky Higgins (who developed the Project Life kits) has been posting links to people’s title pages and albums that have been inspiring me lately. Of course, the person who inspires me the most is Ali Edwards and last year I was inspired to add in additional pages to my Project Life based on what Ali was doing. Another designer who has been inspiring me is Marcy Penner. I love her messy, arty style, where every pocket is a mini scrapbook page.

Here is a look at my title pages from the last two years:

The first image is the title from my first album in 2010. I started out somewhere completely different and only finished this page at the end of 2009 after I’d sat with the project and digested what I wanted that first page to represent. The second image is the title page from 2011’s volume one. By adding in a few extra pages my project out grew the album and I transferred July to December into a second album (the third image).

The second title page above is very influenced by what Ali did for her title page in 2011. I used images from the previous year and I tried to capture how this was a project of my life with Simon. The top left image is from my Mum’s garden and I love taking close up photos of plants and flowers. The top right image is of Lennox Headland where I lived. Across the middle is an individual photo of Simon, me, a card from the 2011 kit and a photo of us together. The bottom left image is at Woody Point in Brisbane. The bottom right is another card from the kit with stickers added to it. I wanted to show how I lived in two places at the time and I think I managed to do that. Simon joked that I’d likely change the title page before the end of the year, as I’d done the previous year, but I’m pleased to say that was how I completed it and how it’s stayed.

The third title page is for Volume 2 of 2011. I’d moved in with Simon by this time so I focused on our life together in Brisbane. The top left is a card from the kit. The top right is an image I’d taken earlier in the year of our bookshelves and a vase of flowers. Across the middle the images are focused on Brisbane and our cats. There is also the same card I used in the first title page for 2011. The bottom left is one of my favourites of our cats on our bed and the  bottom right is a photo of the two of us in Queenstown from July. Again, this is how I completed it and this is how it’s stayed. Pretty happy with that!

From everything I’ve been reading and seeing, I’ve been thinking about ways to make this project reflect more of who I am and break out of the style mould I’d made for myself. I’ll talk about my previous page style in another post showing my Week 1 layout. Last year I really was able to flex my scrapbooking muscles. Even though I had an amazing space at my house in Sydney for working on scrapbooking, the most I did was fill it with supplies and finished only one book for my mum in that time. I wasted that space and when I moved into my parent’s study I regretted not having utilised it more. My teeny tiny room didn’t allow me to work without creating a giant mess and as well, I never had a desk big enough to dedicate to scrapbooking. My supplies were in large plastic tubs, boxes and under my bed. Last year, Simon gave me the most amazing workbench for me to scrapbook and paint. It has been the best motivator to scrapbook I’ve ever had. In the six months since I moved in with Simon, I’ve finished my December Daily 2010 book, a mini book on our New Zealand trip and the monster book for my aunt and uncle. I’ve been more productive in the last six months than I’ve ever been. In doing that, my style is evolving and I’ve been playing with different products and techniques.

And on that note, here is my 2012 title page!

A little different, hey? I’m trying to be less rigid, less structured in how I go about this project in 2012. Like many other things, I got behind with Project Life last year and the spontaneity and little bits that make up life were lost. I want this year to be fun and for me to want to do it each week. I’m also going to post my layouts each week to keep me honest. Being more consistent with project life and blogging – two for the price of one!

Reflections on Project Life so far
As you can tell from the photo above, I’ve changed most of my albums to We R Memory Keepers binders. I really like the quality of the albums (the new Project Life binders are We R Memory Keepers albums now, too). I still have my turquoise kit binder for the first volume of 2011, but I plan to get another avocado coloured linen binder to match volume two some time soon. This year, I’m using a stone coloured linen binder and I’m already loving it. When my album grows to volume two, I’ll continue with another stone coloured binder.

When I did my first Project Life in 2010, I found that I was only using parts of the kit. As you will see from my next post on my internal pages, I didn’t use the journalling cards, only the coloured filler and title cards. I did the same again last year too and I was so glad when they introduced the ability to buy the kit in components this year so I could pick and choose what I wanted rather then having things just sitting around. As Becky says, it’s your project and it’s your way of working on it.

The thing I love the most about this project is when you sit down six months or a year later and look through an album. The photos remind you of a story or the people you were with or even where you were at personally in your life. I find them great prompts for memories of the stories I didn’t tell, that were too personal to share. All the photos are a part of my life, they are the journey that Simon and I have been on together in the last two years and even though we don’t have children and can’t have children, the richness of our lives is shown in these books.

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