NZ mini book

Here is something new and different!


Okay, got that out of my system.

In case I hadn’t already mentioned it a few million times, we are heading to New Zealand on Saturday for eight days. This is my first overseas trip since my ill fated trip to London in July 2005 AND my first overseas trip with my partner. So, special all round you could say. I have a mini book that I want to make from October last year when we went to a few places over a few weeks – Kingscliff, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra and then when Simon moved to Brisbane. Please note the ‘I want to make’, as in it is an idea still in my head. It annoys me that I won’t have those little memories to put into it because it was almost a year ago and I won’t remember a lot of what happened.

Not this time! I want to capture everything when I am there. I want to look back on this time and really, really appreciate it. Ali Edwards has a workshop called ‘Scrapbook on the Road‘. I liked the idea when she first put it up and I wanted to use it as a guide for the aforementioned mini-book. Yes, well. Now that I have my super scrapbooking bench and access to all my materials, I dug the workshop notes out of a drawer and today I built myself a mini-book to take with me!

You have no idea how excited I was when Simon got home! He laughs that when I get into creative mode I forget to eat lunch and lose track of time completely, like I did today! I am just in awe of myself that I actually did it! I put something together to take with me, to be able to capture my thoughts and feelings right then and there. Plus, it means that I will have a FINISHED mini-book not long after we come back. Wow.

I made the cover with some heavy cardboard that I had on hand and some chipboard letters. I also included a wooden leaf motif, as I didn’t have a silver fern. I painted over it all to unify it and then I distressed it with some white paint. I also bought some heavy plastic to use as the front cover to protect the book when I’m travelling.

I decided to go with a mix of pages from scrapbooking papers, to index cards, pages that I created, envelopes and some dividers. I cut down some dividers that were on recycled card that I had to create the size I wanted and then I added some days of the week labels from my Project Life kit. This will help me to keep track of where things go and make it easier to navigate. I’m thinking I’ll also add a photo to the front of the divider which sums up each day when we get back.

It didn’t really take me all that long to put together. I had been gathering things and I worked from Ali’s workshop notes which were a good guide. My room still looked like this though:

It’s getting closer now and I am really excited to use my book while we are there too!

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