Goodbye and thanks for the memories

The time has come to say goodbye to my awesome little car. We only have one garage here and street parking can sometimes be very difficult. Simon commutes to work on the trains, so realistically we only need one car. Simon’s car is also newer than mine and has significantly less kilometres on it then my poor little car.

So, I drove it to my parent’s place today and my Dad is going to sell it for me. It was my last drive of this car that was integral to keeping my relationship with Simon alive for the past year and a half. It faithfully got me to the airport in Brisbane almost every week while Simon lived in Rockhampton. It’s been my lifeline to drive backwards and forwards to Brisbane each week to stay at Simon’s place. It got me to and from work, it allowed me to escape from living with my parents when I needed to. It was just a great car.

In 2009 when I was looking to buy a car, I said I wasn’t going to buy a Civic. My first car was a Civic and it was nicknamed the ‘Demon Car from Hell’. Living in Sydney you come to expect at some point you will be in a fender bender. This car seemed to magnetically attract other cars. Funnily enough, none of them were my fault and two I wasn’t even driving (say hello, the ex-husband!). The car also cost me a fortune every time something needed to be replaced. I was annoyed at how much money I had to pour into that car and when I sold it (to pay for the wedding – don’t even go there), I just felt it was such a money pit and I didn’t want another Honda ever again.

This little car changed my mind and I am glad I was convinced to buy this. It was also my first manual car that I owned. I am a complete convert to driving a manual now and won’t go back!

There is a little part of me that will miss my ‘own’ car and all the meaning that holds. My own car was such an important thing when I was still living with my parents. I think that now there isn’t that sense of having to have such clear distinctions of what is mine and theirs. Simon and I have a good balance of how we think of ‘our’ things and there isn’t anything antagonistic associated with things. I’m learning a lot about how living with someone who is kind, understanding and considerate is very different to what I’ve known in the past!

So, thank you, awesome little car. You will be missed but I hope someone else enjoys you as much as I did.


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