Flying the coop, take 2

I didn’t expect it, but I cried for the first 15 minutes as I drove away from my parent’s place yesterday. It’s been one hell of a ride, hasn’t it?

Never did I think I’d be in a position where I had to move back to my parent’s home as an adult. I was bolting out of the gate as fast as I could at 18, moving as far away as I could to assert my independence. The last thing I ever thought was that at 30 I’d be moving back in with them, a shell of who I was and so very sick. Amazing how life throws a ginormous curve ball at you, knocking you off the course you thought you’d be on.

How do you say thank you for sticking with me on the roller coaster that is bipolar? How do you thank someone for them giving you space to recover and find your way back? I am indebted to my parents and my brother for the last four years, even when I railed and fought against it. It was all part of getting to now, getting to being strong enough to take that next leap and fly again.

And so, I’ve done it! I no longer live with my parents! Wow, that feels great to say!

Funnily enough, it was a little anticlimactic in the end! I’ve been driving backwards and forwards to Brisbane for months. I’d started spending extra days in Brisbane and each trip I’d bring a few more things up. So, for now, it feels like any other weekend! Maybe later in the week it might start to feel more real!

So, here’s to the next grand chapter of my life. Being part of a couple. Joining our lives together and building a shared life. And me getting used to having cats!


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