Four years ago today I moved back to my parent’s house. At the time, I had no where else to go and I was a shell of a person. There was very little left of who I had been, nor any glimmers of who I might become. It felt like I was observing myself going through the motions of life but not engaging, not experiencing. I was starting the walk back from hell and it was going to be a long, long road.

Today, that seems a lifetime ago. I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m in love and now, I’m also moving out of the nest again! Yes, at the end of the month I’m taking the plunge and moving in with Simon.

No more commuting! No more living two lives! No more feeling torn between where my life has been and where I want it to be!

Ummm, yeah. It’s a little overwhelming thinking about that last few years and everything I’ve been through to get to this point. I am very, very ready for this move to happen and I have been for awhile. I’ve felt a pressure from my family to stay, for work and because they have felt that I wasn’t ready to move out (again). Honestly, I think I’ve stayed too long and I’ve been holding back on my dreams to help build someone else’s.

I’m counting down the days now until the 27th!

Oh, and that “hypothetical” holiday? Simon is taking me to New Zealand for my birthday. Can this guy get any better??


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