A new project

The other week I was going back through old posts from Cathy Zielske’s blog, as I’m want to do and I came across this mini book that she did and loved the idea! It’s a gratitude book for not only pictures, but cards for people to write their thoughts. Somewhere for everyone’s hand written words to be kept. Cathy’s book was for thanksgiving but as it’s mother’s day coming up soon, I thought I might adapt the idea for a mini-book for Mum.

I found these small 6x4inch photo albums at Kmart and even though Cathy’s book was portrait, the landscape orientation suits me better for what I have in mind. And with that awesome scrapbooking bench and my Monday creative day, I got to work on my Mother’s Day book!

I designed my own cards and decided that I wanted to use the whole card for journalling and have a facing page of a photo of Mum and that person. The book has 24 pages, with two being a front and end page. So, with Dad, me, my brother, my grandmother, Simon, my aunt (my Mum’s younger sister) and my cousin (Mum’s goddaughter), I didn’t have enough to fill the whole book. My solution? Intersperse family group photos throughout the book!

With each of the photos I also used Ali Edwards overlays from Designer Digitals (Gratitude circles and Family Hand Drawn Words). I created my own white border and I also had to improvise with some of the family words. It’s been fun working out which photos to use and seeing which work well with each other.

My other little embellishments for the book include patterned paper for the end papers, which also helped to glue down the ribbon to close the book. In the front window of the album, I added a different patterned paper (this one has music notes as my Mum is a great singer) and also a wooden ‘M’ I’ve had stashed away, tweaked with a little bit of gold paint. I also customised a title page, just for my Mum.

I’m also doing a book for my lovely assistant, Gracie, for her Mum for mother’s day. It’s so super easy to make and all I have left to do on mine is the end page and get everyone to write in it! Not bad for a few hours work!


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