Another weekend, another trip to IKEA

Ahem, yes we went back to IKEA and got more furniture for our little home. It is a small space, so we had to be smart about what we got, to maximise storage and minimise how much the furniture intruded into the room. Of couse, it also had to look good and possibly have a lot of shelves to house many, many books. Oh, say like this:

Alas, this is not mine – yet! This is the Billy range set up in IKEA and I, of course, said “I want a room like this!”. Simon, of course, said “Sweetie, our house is not big enough for this!” He has a point. So, I compromised for this:

Can you imagine my happiness? Probably only if you also have a sad devotion to paper books, musty bookshops and a longing for a library like Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. The first bookshelf I made the supreme sacrifice to give up to our DVD collection but the other two are all mine, I tell you! I can’t wait to get SOME of my books out of storage and put them in here! Yes, not all of my books will make the journey to the flat. How can I choose which ones can come and which ones can’t?? 🙂

The smaller shelves are next to our front door and have multiple purposes! The open shelf space holds all our TV series’ on DVD and the modem. The closed shelves were originally intended for extra glasses and mugs, but we realised they were going to be too far away on the other side of the flat to the kitchen, so this is now that catch-all cupboard (we got a half bookshelf with a door that is on the end of the long bookshelves for our glasses, etc). The shelves are also our hall stand for keys, sunglasses, etc and our phone table. See, being smart about our furniture choices!

Now, I LOVE my alphabet print (also from IKEA) being a designer and devotee of fonts. However, it is causing controversy among others, being likened to an eye chart. Heathens. Simon, in the heathen camp, has been very kind to a) buy said ‘eye chart’ for me and b) allow it to be so prominently displayed in our home. I think he hopes we find a house soon and it can be hidden away in my room. As I said, heathen!


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