Every year Ali Edwards starts the new year with ‘One Little Word‘. Its a word you hold close to your heart, let it creep into the everyday and lead you forwards to where you want to be at the end of the year.

Last year, my word was’Joy’. I had letters on my bookshelf spelling the word out to me everyday. I reminded myself of leading a joyful life. The more I opened myself up to experiencing joy, the more it came to me. I still feel so wrapped in the experiences of 2010 that the feeling it embodies will carry forward with me.

2009 was the year of ‘patience’. It was a hard fought battle to overcome my impatience and sometimes it stills rears it’s ugly head, but for the most part, my year of focusing on patience has paid me back tenfold. I had the word as the background on my phone and on my computer desktop. Again, the word has followed me through the last two years and served me well.

My little word for 2008 was ‘balance’ and I did a lengthy post about the need for me to find balance in my life. I would have to say I am still working on this one and it might be time to live with the word a bit longer to help me focus again.

For 2011, I have been toying with a few words. ‘Home’ was one option – finding where my home is, setting up a home with Chaos, exploring the idea of what makes a home. ‘Simplify’ was also a popular choice – to reduce and to find balance (ah! That word again!). ‘Health’ made an appearance and ‘Exercise’. I was leaning towards ‘Simplify’ until I read an article in Mindfood at the medical centre yesterday about Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton’s project for the Sydney Theatre Company’s green program. Cate was asked what people could do to help the environment and make their lives greener and she responded with one word: ‘Less’.

A simple yet, powerful word that embodies a richness and encompasses a wide scope to explore. I’m not thinking of ‘less’ in a negative paradigm, rather a ‘less is more’ way of thinking.

Less consumption – only buying what I need

Less things – cleaning, sorting and recycling what I no longer use

Less excuses – focus on what’s important and why it’s important

Less weight – my weight has ballooned again and it is time to reign it in

Less overcomplicating – I am very good at overcomplicating things, so it’s time to simplify that thinking and be aware that by simplifying it actually makes the experience deeper.

Less procrastinating – the Queen of Procrastination is required to shed her mantle this year and bloody well get on with things! Enough time wasting and treading water! Do something with this life of your’s!

Hopefully, in the near future I can also add less commuting to that list! I’ve set a deadline for my move to Brisbane as June 30, 2011. This year, four years after I came home a ghost of myself, I will move out of home again. It’s a delicious and exciting thought already!

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  1. […] Back in 2008 I was in a bad place. I was coming off the worst year of my life. I was still unwell and at the start of my journey of recovery. I was unemployed, living with my parents and feeling very lost. I read a post by Ali Edwards about her One Little Word for 2008 and I realised this was something that I needed and it could help me. In 2008, my word was BALANCE. In 2009, it was PATIENCE and in 2010, it was JOY. In 2011, my word was LESS. […]

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