Long weekend

We had a four day weekend here, although I had to go into work for a little while on Monday and Tuesday. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds as I wasn’t doing deliveries like the boys – they really only had a two day weekend. Thankfully, there will be no deliveries on Monday next week and they will get three days to do nothing.

Christmas day was at home with the family, Chaos and my cousin, Kano, who has been working with us for the last week and this week as well. We’ve worked out that I’m ‘technically’ his Godmother, as I stood in for one of my other Aunties at his christening. Kano has decided that I’d be better as his Godmother (16 years later), so guess that means I now have two godsons!

And, after all my blathering about how much I don’t look forward to Christmas (it is more work related rather than any Grinch tendencies), who was up at 6.30am and waking everyone else up? What am I, six? 😀

We had Kano’s parents and his sister (she of the LM21 monster book!) down for christmas lunch and my grandmother. So much fun with more people (ignoring my mother’s meltdown over cleaning the house and getting things organised). Oh, and yes my new Tiffany bracelet is doing nicely, thanks for asking!

It is also the new home for the charm Buffy gave me for my birthday two years ago. Doesn’t it fit nicely, Buffy?? The charm for my anniversary will also go on here, next to my blue Tiffany’s box. Yes, this boy knows me very well!

Boxing Day we spent with the extended family at Dan’s. The best part was my brother, Chaos, Kano and little Chief having a Nerf war. The over 30 boys had the advantage as they could pick up both of the younger ones and take them hostage. And my god, the food. Masterchef Dan outdid himself!

Monday Chaos took me out to get out of the house and away from the stressed/not talking to each other parents. We did a bit of shopping as Grandma gave us some money for Christmas, followed by a stop over at work to do some invoicing for Tuesday. We were also working out ways to make my room more liveable for the next six months. We have a plan and we did a couple of little things yesterday which improved things already.

Yesterday was catching up with my beautiful godson and his siblings. They loved their christmas presents and I got so much joy from watching their faces and playing with their presents. I’ve barely seen them in the last few months with working stupid hours and commuting to Brisbane almost every weekend for 10 weeks. I have to make more of an effort in the New Year.

I thought I had an appointment with my psychologist yesterday but she forgot to let me know she’d changed it until today! We had a late lunch in Bangalow before Chaos had to go back to Brisbane and the fur kids. This weekend is Brisbane for me, NYE with friends in Brisbane and hopefully a sleep in and maybe going to the movies. Hopefully, if the floods don’t disrupt her travel plans, I’ll also get to catch up with Bestie and give her what I think is an awesome Christmas present.

So, busy, busy, busy. I’ve been collecting christmas ephemera and have a box bursting with things as I have this idea of doing a mini-book of December, similar to Ali Edwards’ December Daily. I do love how Ali’s albums come together and I have some great bits and pieces saved, so I guess my posturing that I *might* do a book is all smoke and mirrors. I will do a book, its just a matter of when and how. Sucker for punishment, I know!

BUT! My 2010 Project Life is almost done (also on my 33@33 list to mark off)! Two days left after today, can you believe it? I printed out quite a few photos last night but have months of journal cards to catch up on. My 2011 kit hadn’t arrived before Chaos came down last week so it didn’t make it under the tree, so I should get it this weekend. I am so, so happy that I’ve stuck with this and I now have an amazing record of this year. I had a flick back through and it blows me away that I have something about every day this year. Next year I don’t think I’m going to be so rigid with not cropping my photos and I might hand write my journal cards rather than print them. I saw a picture of Ali’s book and I love how she added other pages in and other bits and pieces. So, 2011 will be more flexible and fluid than 2010 but I now have the confidence that I know I can finish this huge project.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday!


One thought on “Long weekend

  1. Buffy says:

    Blue boxes for the WIN! that is so fantastic. Am so glad you found someone who knows you so well!

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