Work xmas party

While I took my camera and had my phone with me I was having too much fun to take many photos last night! We have a great team working for us now and we spent most of the night being the rowdly, laughing table. We need some respite from the unrelenting pace we’re all working to at the moment.

Dan (the Dan in the ‘Big Dan’ shirt) is one of my brother’s best mates and our operations manager. The boys came up with this idea of ‘Big Dan’s Burgers’ and from there they have developed slogans for everything (the latest idea is called ‘Big Dan’s Nuts’ to wholesale nuts). As a christmas present to everyone, Dan made these shirts up and each one has a story behind them.

The story behind mine? When I came back to work from my graduation, the boys had made me a sign that took up my entire desk saying ‘Big Dan Rocks’ complete with (very bad) drawing of Big Dan.

We’re having Big Dan day for Christmas eve with all of the shirts, I think! That will make a unique talking point for customers, don’t you think?!


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