A creative weekend

I spent the last couple of days suffering from a migraine, my first in at least six months (note to self – stay away from food additives/flavourings!). Even though I should have spent the weekend in bed at home, I had to drive to Brisbane  because the canvas’ for my parent’s christmas presents were at Chaos’. I had to start this weekend to make sure I have enough time to do all of the layers and that they dry completely  before christmas day. I’ll explain more in a bit but above are the finished christmas cards for my Mum!

Why I volunteered for make 30 christmas cards for my Mum and try to make some for myself I’ll never know. I did three completely different designs and there were a few stop and starts to get it right. Next year I want to have these planned well in advance! I have to say that my little elf learnt really quickly to stamp, tape, trim and assemble. I can’t thank Chaos enough for helping me get these finished!

So, this is the start of my parent’s christmas present, which also happens to fit rather nicely with number 12 of my 33@33. I’ve taken the maple leaf pattern from the cushion covers in the lounge room and spread a design across two canvas’. The first layer is impasto to create texture on the leaves. The next layer is a crimson paint that will become the undercoat.

The two canvas’ are drying in Chaos’ garage and he’ll bring them down this weekend with him for me to put the next layer on. The (big) idea is to match the next colour to the cushions and rub it back to reveal the red on the leaves, and finally followed by some gold highlights. Still so much to do and no idea if it will really work!


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