Getting closer!

I think I may need to start a countdown to the U2 concert! This will be my fifth time seeing them live (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that a few hundred times) and I am still so excited! It will be my brother’s third U2 concert and Chaos’ first! Chaos was meant to be coming with me to the 2005 concert but it was rescheduled to 2006 and by then he’d left Sydney and had moved to Rockhampton.

I’ve been pretty lucky with seeing some of my favourite bands in concert. U2 was my first big concert (I don’t think Disney on Ice counts?) in 1993. I’ve seen Pearl Jam, Silverchair, The Simpletons, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Counting Crows, Garbage, Alanis Morrissette, Jet, Big Audio Dynamite, Snow Patrol, Crowded House, Kylie Minogue, Jamiroquai, James Morrison, Dianne Reeves, You Am I …

But it got me thinking about all the bands and singers I would still love to see live. I will definitely be going to see Pink, Jamie Cullum, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, Paul Van Dyk, Katie Noonan, Coldplay, and most definitely The Cat Empire. We just missed out on tickets to the last tour of Cat Empire and I’m determined to not miss out again! Its a diverse list, I know but, all well loved and rotated on my ipod. Katy Perry also would be good to see and possibly John Mayer (yes, he’s kind of ‘overexposed’ himself online but he is a brilliant songwriter).

For now, I will keep looking forward to my FIFTH U2 concert, with Jay Z supporting. Counting down to December 8!


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