Six Mile Creek

Yup, there was only one way out of Rockhampton and it was straight south!

I do need to preface this with the fact I already miss our friends up there who I have become quite close to over the last year. We had a wonderful farewell dinner on Friday night and if I could transplant them all to Brisbane I’d be very happy. Miss you guys, but we’ll most definitely be back to visit!

Having said that, MY BOY IS NOW ONLY TWO HOURS AWAY! This is a most exciting change in circumstances and I love not racing to catch a plane or having to plan weeks in advance when we can see each other. Who knows, in another twelve months we might be in the same city!

They say road trips can be challenging to a relationship. We had a ball and even managed to do the trip without an ipod. Car stereo with no AUX port meant no ipod on rotation, which was surprisingly fine as we talked and joked and discovered the strange logic in naming creeks.¬†Believe it or not, there are SIX Six Mile Creeks between Rockhampton and Brisbane. I’m sure you had to be there to see the humour we got out of this, but fun (useless) fact for you there.

We visited the new flat on Sunday and it is teeny. I won’t be escaping to actually live with Chaos in this flat. I will require masses of my newly acquired patience to wait until he moves out of there and into a larger place.

But for now, I am ecstatic that he is closer!


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