Perhaps its all the new design blogs I’m reading. Perhaps its a need for a creative outlet. Or maybe its just me wondering where the next chapter of my life is going to take me.

I’m feeling very inspired with the amazing design and handmade paper products that I am coming across online. I’ve spent tonight going down the rabbit hole for an adventure in paper wonderland and my eyes have started to glaze over with the awesomeness of it all (is that even a word?). Somehow, I ended up here. It may have been from here, I can’t remember to be honest! This led to here, here and here and more that kept catching my eye. My bookmarks have swell dramatically!

Ever since high school, I’ve loved (from afar) printmaking and the whole aura of making plates and the immediacy of printing your own work. I did put down printmaking as a preference for uni but I was shepherded into design by wiser souls than I.  Being a designer, I’m a little removed from that tactile side of it, as my work is completed on my computer and sent to the printer as digital files. I don’t get to see it again until the finished product is in my hand. I have had jobs where I got to speak with paper merchants, request paper samples and trial printing techniques and that was so much fun. Paper and I have had a love affair for a very long time. Pens and Willow have had a long tango, as well. In case you didn’t know this about me already, I am dangerous in stationary shops, newsagents and scrapbooking stores, to name but a few (Big W has a good range, as does some Kmart stores …).

So, this idea is starting to percolate. Could I set up my own studio where I design and make stationary, books and combine all of my skills (design, scrapbooking, photography, calligraphy) and expand my skills to include printmaking, book binding and online retailing? Could I actually make this happen? My itty-bitty space doesn’t really allow for even a small scale version of this at the moment but I maybe able to wrestle some space in the garage from my Dad (I live in hope but I may move out quicker than my father is willing to part with anything in his garage).

I’ve been in a rut lately and it has become so frustrating. I know it was because I was so sick for so long and my body just needed to shut down and recover. I’m coming out of it now but I’ve felt so useless and unproductive in the last few weeks, even being back at work. My mind does wander and its been wearing some groves into this idea of a creative life, living an authentic life true to my soul and my dreams. I love how Kelly Rae does it. I love how Elise does it. Could that be me though?

Dreams are starting to form into ideas and, just maybe, just maybe, this might become a reality in the next twelve months. It is on my 33@33 list to design my own stationary, my own xmas cards, to take a book binding course, complete mini books, learn web design and start a design blog.

Somehow I think I was already starting down this path without consciously realising it!


One thought on “Dreaming

  1. Buffy says:

    If you need a hand with online retailing I can help out, is doable for not much money and no knowledge of web design. If you can make a layout look good (which I know you can) you can set up a fully functioning webstore in about 2 hours.

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